Video: Racist Muslim Thugs Beat Up Young Girls In Ashton,Greater Manchester

Racist Muslims attack White youths in England. This is a video that was taken on Saturday night  in Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester that shows a gang of Muslim thugs attacking a group of white kids including girls at a bus stop.  This is becoming a regular occurrence on the streets of the UK thanks to the political correctness loving authorities and Muslim appeasing media. Tensions in Ashton are once again at fever pitch between Pakistani Muslims and white British. It was only last year that white kid Daniel Stringer was savagely beaten in an unprovoked  racist attack by Muslims in the town. As a result the town became the location for a demonstration from the English Defence League.

 Allegedly just before the filming had started one of the Muslim youths had punched one of the white girls in the face. As the video starts the girls can be heard saying to the gang of Muslims “get away you cant hit girls”. One of the Muslim bullies gets in the girls face saying. “what the fuck are you gonna do you fat bitch”. Then another Muslim thug joins the first, holding a cricket bat.Seconds later the Muslim gang of bullies attack. The picture gets shaky moving quickly between various violent skirmishes. It was hard to tell but by the looks of it there was maybe 4 or 5 Muslim scroats.  Girls can be heard quite clearly screaming “get off” and “dont hit girls”  Then at the end when it looked like the fighting had stopped came another violent Muslim assault on either a female or much younger boy judging by the difference in height. A Muslim thug runs to towards the child at the bus stop launching himself at the kid dropping her? to the floor where the rest of the Muslims run to in pack attack like savage wild animals.  There is also something happening  to the side of this just out of camera shot which by the sound of the hysterical girl screaming “get off” could of been another attack on 1 of the girls. Some people are saying the Muslim thugs said “this is an Asian area” but i never heard it myself. 

There were also reports of further clashes as a result of the incident between gangs of Infidel v Muslims, which have been rebuked by local authorities. Tameside Council tweeted last night, “Rumours circulating tonight about alleged fighting in Ashton town centre. These reports are inaccurate, there has been no disorder.”

Greater Manchester police claimed :  “There were rumours circulating last night (Tuesday 12 June 2013) about an alleged fight in Ashton town centre.These reports were inaccurate and there was no disorder.
Earlier in the evening there were several groups of youths who gathered in Ashton. Four boys were arrested for minor public order offences.
Superintendent Neil Evans from Ashton police station, said: “We are aware of the rumours on social media last night. A number of youths gathered in the town centre but there was no disorder or violence.
“A small number of teenagers were arrested for minor public order offences.
“We are aware and investigating the incident that took place in Ashton on Saturday 8 June 2013, involving two groups of youths.A 14-year-old boy was arrested in connection with this and has been released on police bail. Enquiries are ongoing.
“There will remain an increased police presence in Ashton town centre over the next few evenings to offer reassurance to the public and provide a deterrent to anyone potential trouble makers.We have been working closely with schools and the local authority to provide a joint up response.”Anyone with any information or concerns is asked to call the police on 101.

A clear attempt to keep the incident hush hush for cohesion reasons. Quite rightly so people were venting their anger and frustration towards GMP claiming a blackout by police and another instance of 2 tier justice. Yet if the roles were reversed and Muslims attacked it would be headline news.

One worried parent wrote on GMP’s timeline:

Have just recieved the following text message from my daughters school, I’m a bit concerned.
Dear Parent/GuardianThe police have informed us of a potential incident in Ashton tonight. Please keep your children away if possible.S Ward

These girls obviously weren’t aware of the fact that a Muslim wouldn’t even think twice about punching a random girl in the street. To a Muslim, a female Muslim is considered second rate, whilst young white females are considered the lowest of the low and little better than animals. That’s the sexist discriminatory Islam for you which permits men to hit women even. How long bef0re the EDL get blamed in some way for the trouble ????? they get the blame for everything else that involves Muslims!! 

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