Recording Of Excellent Interview By EDL’s Tommy Robinson On BBC R4

For those who missed Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League interview this morning on BBC Radio 4 though work or other commitments like i did myself, here it is and well worth a listen. 

Personally I thought Tommy Robinson came across very well in today’s  BBC Radio 4 interview, like a normal British person concerned about the threat posed to our countries future from political Islam. He is certainly no Adolf Hitler, Mussolini or any other fascist dictator like the communist fools from the UAF/SWP would like you to think, not even a Nick Griffin who despite what he is saying in public, their is always a racial undertone lingering behind it and you know could never be trusted. By the way he handled the questions, condemning violence against Muslims and mosques, made it clear nazis were not wanted in the EDL and actions such as nazi salutes by members will not be tolerated. 

Yet despite this and airing no views to suggest that he or the EDL are extremists or racists. The BBC came under criticism for having him on the show giving him a platform. Most of the flak came from the far left and Muslims in the media. The people who are quite happy to allow terrorism supporters such as Anjem Choudary to have a platform to spew his anti British hatred from.Or rape denying communist Weyman Bennett to appear, defending the 10 million people killed by Soviet Union communists in Gulags claiming communist murder is not as severe as any fascist murder.Without any kind of opposition were the first to object. The same people and their friends are also more than happy to unfairly demonize the EDL in the media, telling lies scaremongering and even accusing them of serious arson attacks with out any proof whatsoever saying whatever bad they feel like doing. Yet dislike those they have demonized having a chance to tell their side of things. Muslims kill soldier in Woolwich = EDLs fault,   EDL march and lay wreaths, minor trouble caused by UAF = EDLs fault.   Muslims try to blow up EDL = EDL’s fault.   Tell Mama fabricate figure = EDL’s fault.   EDL set-up for mosque fire which media report as racist hate crime = EDL’s fault.

Tommy Robinson and the EDL have every right to defend their corner after all that. We are still a democratic country aren’t we ???

Despite all the leftist enemies of free speech moaning. Judging by the comments left on every newspaper websites the majority of the public appear to be siding with Tommy Robinson and the EDL. And its the public entire population who matter in this not some individual Labour councillor, Muslim Al Jazerra and Huff Post editor, or pro Muslim think-tank.

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