MP’s Report Into Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic Slams Authorises For Failing To Act

Authorities have been slammed in a report by MPs on child sexual exploitation that said they had failed to keep children and young people safe.The Home Affairs Committee said the local authorities and other agencies had been “inexcusably slow” to protect young girls who were being groomed by the Muslim sex gangs.They also stated that the problem is still happening in many places. Britain has and still is fighting against a Muslim grooming gang epidemic.

MPs began taking evidence after nine Muslims from Rochdale eight with Pakistani backgrounds and an Afghan were jailed last year. Since which many other Muslim grooming gangs have come to light across the nation including arrests made in Oxford, Wycombe, Bradford, Keighley and a 2nd Rochdale gang. As well as the scandal in Rotherham where a police whistle-blower revealed that they had known yet failed to act for 10 years due to fear of being branded racist. It was hearing about this which prompted me into the making of the Muslim grooming gang map. 

Its reassuring to know that finally something might get done to ensure these same failures dont happen again in the future to other children by addressing the issues. Those various people responsible for failing the victims are having the blame put on their door, but other than being outed as incompetent what else has been done? Just naming and shaming them isn’t justice for the victims they failed whose suffering they prolonged. Heads should be rolling at every agency involved. Not just the fall guy in charge of the departments but the individuals such as social workers whose negligence directly allowed the problem to persist. As you will see below where exerts  from the report are added. Child services and police officers didn’t make minor mistakes. They dropped massive bollocks by not acting or dismissing the victims.

Another negative is that the report is once again politically correct which there is no place for in a subject as serious as this. The few references made to the offenders refers to them as ‘Asian grooming gangs’ and no mention of them being Muslim or of Islam which played a big part in it. There was also appeasing applied in places after ‘Asian grooming gangs’ are mentioned reminding us its not only Muslims  Asians responsible for this type of crime. Yes we know paedos come in all races and religions but those cases in question involved Muslims. 

The full report can be found here, but its very long so here are a few snippets stated:

We have been told that in the cases of Rotherham and Rochdale, professionals did not recognise the existence of the exploitation, were not aware of the scale of the abuse, were not sharing information that, had it been brought together in one place, would have disclosed a pattern of widespread abuse. This is partly due to the assumptions around the fact that victims were engaging in consensual relationships and the inability to engage with the victims. There is evidence of this throughout the serious case review which examined the case of Child S in Rotherham and found that few services actually saw, observed and heard Child S as the highly vulnerable child she was, and whom, society had a responsibility to protect. There were similar attitudes seen in the Rochdale case, where the victims were not taken seriously and were not protected by those who had a responsibility to do so.

How can a social worker excuse not doing anything because the victims were consenting??  They are children, its illegal so there is no such thing as consensual sex when under-age children are involved. 

There is no doubt that in the past, police forces were not taking the right approach towards cases of localised grooming and child sexual exploitation. We have received evidence that Greater Manchester Police were working on an investigation as far back as 2004 into the grooming of 26 girls who had, at some point, lived in Manchester care homes. A report on the investigation shows that the police had identified a number of hallmarks of localised grooming including the fact that victims often came from a dysfunctional background; victims were often repeatedly reporting missing from home; victims often truanted school, and: victims perceived offenders to be their ‘boyfriend’ who would ask them to perform sexual acts with their friends as a ‘favour’. Despite victims willing to engage with the police and officers having the names of 208 suspected offenders, nobody was charged with serious sexual offences as a result of this investigation. Despite this knowledge being accrued within the force, nobody was prosecuted for offences relating to localised grooming until 2012.

Greater Manchester police had 208 suspected offenders and no prosecutions from as far back as 2004 is inexcusable.Authorities in South Yorkshire were just as incompetent. Emma Jackson, a victim of localised grooming in Rotherham, was scathing about her involvement with Rotherham Council during the period she was subject to child sexual exploitation. Having been approached by her parents for help, both she and her father are adamant that they were not in the least bit supportive. Emma described one conversation with her social worker:

My social worker just seemed not to even be on this planet. It was like she did not have an opinion at all on anything. In fact, she gave one bit of advice, and that was that these men had said I owed them £500 for alcohol and drugs and they would have to come and kidnap me and take me away for a few days so I could pay my debt off. The social worker advised my parents to meet the men and pay them £500.

Whoever that social worker is needs sacking on the spot just for stupidity alone. Emma  also told how she felt unsupported when she made her allegation of rape,South Yorkshire Police lost the clothing with DNA evidence she had provided to support her allegation of rape, reducing the case to her word against that of the attacker. She described how afraid she was of her attacker and the response she received from the police,

my child protection officer, said to me, “If it is any consolation, you are not the first girl that has been abused and raped and you are definitely not the last”. Then one of the CID officers who was in charge of the case said to me, “If you go back to these men, we just think that it is little White slappers running around with Asians”, and that was their attitude

They … could not offer me any protection, even though these men were really dangerous. They were actually at that time on bail for kidnapping a witness and breaking his jaw and holding him hostage because he was going to court to be a witness against them for another crime.The police said that there was not enough evidence, nothing could be done, and then actually “non-crimed” what I had reported. They sent me a cheque out to cover the cost of the clothes that they had lost that were evidence.

Schools were also ignoring the problem.In the report one of the grooming gang victims Emma Jackson explained the impact of localised grooming and child sexual exploitation on her education.

I had to leave education at 14. They excluded me because I was involved in sexual exploitation, and my last school report actually states that I was a child prostitute. Then they also did not want me on the premises because I was seen as a danger to other children and staff because if these men came to get me, then they could harm the children and staff also.

Thats to political correctness and Muslim appeasing by police,social services and the media, it has been left to patriots to stand up and fight for Britains children,
Thats to political correctness and Muslim appeasing by police,social services and the media, it has been left to patriots to stand up and fight for Britains children,

Timeline of events in Rochdale

Action Outcome
Formation of Sexual Exploitation Working Group Identified 50 children at risk of child sexual exploitationClear links identified to takeaways and taxi companiesThree perpetrators prosecuted
Formation of Sexual Exploitation Steering Group
Rochdale Borough Children’s Safeguarding Board develops its own multi-agency Child Sexual Exploitation protocols These protocols were not monitored to ensure implementation
Sexual Exploitation Steering Group reports to RBSCB Decision to establish a multi-agency team (Sunrise) although funding for a social worker and health worker is not allocated until December 2008.
Crisis Intervention Team makes a number of referrals to Children’s Social Care regarding children at risk of sexual exploitation Cases were dealt with an individual basis meaning that no pattern of exploitation emerged. Older children were regarded as ‘making their own choices’
Primary witness in May 2012 trial arrested. She informs polices she has been subject to sexual exploitation on a number of occasions and by a number of different men
Investigation in to allegations of child sexual exploitation against a number of males by primary witness in May 2012 trial is halted when the CPS refuses to press charges due to a number of factors including the belief that the witness would not be seen as credible by a jury.
Health worker and police officer appointed to Sunrise team. Social worker yet to be recruited
Sunrise team becomes operational In its first progress report, the team identifies 79 children who are subject to or at risk of child sexual exploitation
Operation Span is launched Police officers submit a report on the perceived pattern of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale to Children’s Social Care as part of their inquiry
Arrests are made as part of Operation Span Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council is informed of the scale of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale
Regular meetings begin to be held between the licensing authority, the police and the Sunrise team Premises suspected of being associated with the sexual exploitation of children identified. Checks also carried out on taxi drivers found near local schools.
A number of men charged with sexual offences relating to exploitation of children from the Rochdale area
Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children’s Board establishes a Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy Group
Following an increase in funding, more staff provided to the Sunrise Team Senior Social Work practioner and team co-ordinator appointed
Nine men convicted of child sexual exploitation offences following trial held at Liverpool Crown Court  
Roger Ellis leaves Council  
Jim Taylor takes over as Chief Executive Orders a review in to why children subject to or at risk of sexual exploitation were not identified earlier

Even if the authorities did start getting it right, i fear the problem will continue until Muslim communities start addressing the problem they have and begin rooting out the evil paedophiles 


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