The Fire At Mosque Thats Not Actually A Mosque,Commies & Islamists Conveniently Blaming EDL

The news is full of reports about this Mosque fire in Muswell Hill, London. Already the press, far left extremists and Islamists have charged and acted as judge and jury to find the EDL guilty of being behind the fire on the basis of graffiti saying EDL either on or around the building. Lets pause there and rewind back to the start before people with an agenda started the blame game. 

First unlike the media and others are claiming, the burnt out building wasn’t a mosque it was a community centre as confirmed by the Met Police. So if it was being used as a Mosque then it shouldn’t have been.

Call me suspicious but i don’t for one minute think this arson attack is connected to the English Defence League in the slightest. Why would they spray EDL on the wall not only incriminating themselves in an arson attack but bringing tons of bad press attention on themselves. When they have been doing their utmost to show people that the demonizing they currently receive from biased reporting is not true.

Anyone with a little common sense knows thats stupidity. Arson is a serious crime punishable by several years in jail. So with that in mind would you really want to be hanging round the scene of your crime spraying the wall. Especially outside a Somalian Islamic centre which appears to be on a main road, where you would be standing out like a sore thumb if  you was a white EDL member committing a racist attack like some claim.

Muslims are doing a very good job themselves of bringing on negative attention just lately after events Woolwich and Boston as well as several high profile court cases of British Muslim terrorists and Muslim grooming gangs. Going round committing revenge attacks will do them no favours and they know it. Support for the EDL has surged lately with several thousand patriots attending the Newcastle demo followed by a good showing in excess of 1,000 two days later at Downing Street.

Any involvement by the EDL would once again give the Muslims chance to play the victim again giving them chance to direct all the negative attention off themselves making the Edl look the bad one. Muslims arent as thick as you think when it comes to playing the system and getting their own way. Part of their tactics in stealth jihad is to be pretty much full -time attention-seeking victims, knowing that if people feel sorry for them, they have more chance of getting their own way

After the disgusting murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich by two savage Muslims one of who had links to Unite Against Fascism. The eyes of the world were on Muslims for the wrong reasons again, people were beginning to see Islam for what it really is and Muslims were no longer seen as the victim. Step forward Fiyaz Mughal from Tell Mama who began appearing all over the place doing his bit for Islam, committing taqqiya. Telling anybody who would listen about the huge rise in anti-Muslim attacks and the so called ‘cycle of violence’ that appeared never ending portraying Muslims as the victim yet again. He was doing a good job of deceiving the public until Andrew Gilligan from the Daily Telegraph exposed the truth how Pinnochio Mughal  had been fiddling the figures and telling porkies to give more credibility to his ‘cycle of violence’ claim. When there was actually no police records of any violence against Muslims.

Then yesterday confirmed by Assistant Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, who is in charge of the UK’s anti-terror operations, said the backlash against the Woolwich attack in London had not been as serious as police had feared.She said there had been eight potentially Islamophobic incidents in London in the last two weeks compared to one a day in the previous 12 months. According to her figures anti-Muslim attacks actually dropped.

So with the EDL standing to gain nothing and lose alot, who would benefit from the fire??

 The Somalian group who used the centre for starters. Judging from the pictures iv seen it looked a bit on the scruffy side and in disrepair. A nice insurance payout would mean a brand new Somalian Islamic centre for them as well as stitching up the EDL and making Muslims the victim again.Then theres numerous Islamist organizations and front groups participating in stealth jihad and pushing Islam who it would benefit from it. Muslims are no stranger to doing things like this themselves. Heres 2 good examples : Muslim fire and graffiti own business      Muslim caught spraying racist graffiti on mosque

Lets not forget those extremist communists from UAF/SWP who have been embarrassed by the EDL’s big turnouts compared with their counter protests lately, received much bad press over the last week and exposed as having links to 1 of the Woolwich killers and Islamic hate preachers. Demonizing the EDL would certainly take the heat off them and gain them support. Then again it could be children responsible for fire-bombing the building and graffiti.


Anti-terror cops probe mosque blaze amid fears ‘firebomb’ is Woolwich revenge

– ‘EDL seen scrawled on building’

– Police treating fire as suspicious

– Police called amid fears of firebomb attack

Suspicious blaze: firefighters at the sceen at the burnt down mosque and community centre

05 June 2013

Counter terror police are investigating a blaze which destroyed a community centre and mosque early today amid fears it was firebombed in revenge for the Woolwich murder.

Fire crews reported they had seen the letters EDL scrawled on the side of the building as they battled the blaze at the centre in Muswell Hill.

Scotland Yard said it was treating the fire at the Somali community centre as suspicious and announced that the Counter Terrorism Command was leading the inquiry.

Fire crews were called to the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association in Coppetts Road  at 3.15am and took nearly an hour and a half to get the blaze under control.

The two storey building, which also houses the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre and is listed as a mosque, was completely destroyed in the fire.

If confirmed as arson the incident would be the most serious so far in a series of attacks on mosques in the UK since the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich two weeks ago.

Barnet borough commander Adrian Usher said: “I have spoken to community leaders and assured them that a thorough investigation is being conducted.

“The safety of our communities is always our priority and we are consulting widely, offering our support and reassurance. All communities can be confident that they have our support and I can be contacted personally to answer their concerns.”

London Fire Brigade said six engines and around 35 firefighters fought the blaze but the two storey building was severely damaged and part of it collapsed.

One woman from a nearby property, in Muswell Hill, suffered shock and was treated at the scene, London Ambulance Service said.

One witness,  who wanted only to be known as Nurein,  said: ” I was woken up by loud noises and then soon I could smell the fire. I went outside and it was really bad. There were huge flames and  lots of smoke.  There were several fire engines and I think even a helicopter. It was terrible. This will really shake the community up.”

Mohamed Ali of the Somali charity BritSom said he believed the incident was linked to the Woolwich attack.

He said : “The place has been absolutely destroyed. The community is shocked and very distressed because they have been here in peace for the past 20 years.

“We are a peaceful community so I do not know what has brought this on. The building is a centre for the comunity, it is used as a mosque, a gathering place for Somalis to meet up and as a school for young children to learn Arabic.

“This is shocking but it will not break the community as a whole, I would appeal to the people who did this to to come and sit fown with us and have a dialogue. That is the only way forward.”

Local Conservative MP Theresa Villiers, who represents Chipping Barnet, said: “I am shocked by this attack in my constituency. This kind of hate crime is absolutely despicable. This is not just an attack on the Muslim community. It is an attack on all of us and our values.

“We are a highly diverse multi-ethnic borough with excellent community cohesion in Barnet. We should under no circumstances allow violent extremists to divide us with this kind of outrage.

“I am deeply concerned about the impact this disgraceful crime with have on those who use the Bravanese Islamic Centre. They have all my sympathies at this difficult time.“

The last person left the centre at about 8pm last night, a senior youth worker said today.

Ahmed Ali said when he arrived at 4.15am the building was virtually destroyed and the only apparent evidence of the arsonists were the letters “EDL” daubed in dark spray paint on a wall.

Mr Ali said: “We’re gutted and shattered today, it’s heartbreaking.

“We are in total shock that this has happened in our community, but it will not stop us.

“All our neighbours have shown solidarity today and have been inviting us in for coffee and asking how they can help us rebuild.”

He added: “We were horrified at the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

“We’re a peaceful community, but the people who did this just have hatred inside.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was shocked to hear of the incident and expressed its solidarity with the Muslim community. Vivian Wineman, president of the Board, said: “Attacks of this nature are an affront not only to the Muslim community, not only to all minority groups but to all decent people in this country”.

Police were also called to the Bomber Command memorial in Green Park where graffiti demanded that the killers of drummer Rigby should be hanged. It was also defaced a week ago when the word Islam was spray painted on a wall.

Faith Matters, a group which monitors anti-Muslim hatred, said recently that there had been ten attacks on mosques since the Drummer Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich two weeks ago today.

The most serious so far has been the attempted fire bombing of the Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre while people were inside.

Yesterday Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, who is in charge of the UK’s anti-terror operations, said the backlash against the Woolwich attack in London had not been as serious as police had feared.

She said there had been eight potentially Islamophobic incidents in London in the last two weeks compared to one a day in the previous 12 months.

2 thoughts on “The Fire At Mosque Thats Not Actually A Mosque,Commies & Islamists Conveniently Blaming EDL”

  1. This is very probably someone trying to frame the EDL and discredit resistance to Islam. It just gets stranger and stranger the way that people, even Jews, come together to defend Muslims and Islam after someone is killed in the name of Allah.
    But it is Islam that is to blame and Muslims are Islam.

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