Thousands Take To The Streets In Opposition To Islamic Extremism

Saturday May 25th 2013 will go down in history as the day the people of Britain woke up to the threat of Islam and said ‘thats enough we will take it no more.’  Newcastle saw thousands of Brits take to the streets to protest against Militant Islam and the continued islamization of Britain. The demo was organized by the English Defence League and the massive turnout surpassed all expectations. Even the police were taken by surprise by the turnout having to close roads off at the last minute due to the sheer numbers. In the build up to the demo Northumbria Police had only expected  a maximum of 500 EDL to attend. According to the BBC, they are saying that there was approx 2,000 EDL in Newcastle for the event. Having looked at the videos of the day i would estimate double that figure at least 4,000 – 5,000. Unconfirmed sources are saying 5000 – 7000 patriots in attendance. Watch the videos below and make your own mind up. I did try counting off the video but to be honest i gave up because i don’t have the patience 

You can always count on the communists to have a different take on things. Now anybody who follows me on twitter may of seen my tweet where im predicting the far left muppets from the UAF will try pass off their lies as facts. Well Mystic Meg aint got nothing on me as low and behold. The communist Socialist Worker, the paper of the SWP who arranged the counter demo with their front group ‘unite against fascism’ made the claim there was thousands of anti EDL activists present and just a few hundred EDL who had been bused in. Police say 400 UAF/SWP communist Muslim appeasers on the counter demo.



The EDL march contained not just drunk males like the media and far left extremists like to make out. They represened all walks of life with lots of women, couples even families and people in wheelchairs. United in standing up to the evil of Islam. The marchers sang patriotic songs though out the route. During an hour-long gathering at the end of the march, they held a minute’s silence for the murdered soldier. And a man who appeared to be wearing British Army desert fatigues was given a rousing reception when he displayed a flag of St George printed with the words “RIP Lee Rigby”
. Disrespectfully the  anti British UAF supporters  chanted “Nazi scum off our streets” during the minutes silence

Thankfully the event passed off relativity trouble free with about 30 arrests in total although many of them were from the UAF such as in the following video below. Some rather eccentric  scruffy UAF tramps getting themselves a bed for the night and a hot meal.


Lines of police in riot gear kept the sides separate. Among 10 horses on duty – from West Yorkshire Police’s mounted section – was Bud, the horse punched by a Newcastle United fan after the 0-3 derby defeat to arch football rivals Sunderland.

Before the gathering, police arrested two people in Gateshead and one in Stockton, Teesside, for allegedly making racist tweets.

Mr Calvert said: “I am pleased this protest passed off without major incident. Disruption was kept to a minimum and we are grateful for the support we received from local communities. There were a number of arrests over the course of the day, mainly to do with alcohol or to prevent public order offences. However the vast majority of those taking part were well behaved.

“Most of the arrests took place before the protests started and were part of a proactive strategy by police to avoid disorder and to minimise disruption. I would like to thank all those officers, and staff at partner organisations, who have worked so hard to make today a success. Extra officers will continue to be in the city for what is a busy weekend for Newcastle.”


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