Muslim Javeed Patel Found Guilty Of Raping Teenager After Night Out In Preston

Muslims committing rape jihad against British women is reaching epidemic proportions. Almost a daily occurrence now where a rape or some kind of sex attack committed by Muslim perverts becomes common knowledge. Considering only 10% of the population are Muslim, when it comes to grooming gangs or random sex attacks on the street. Muslims are by far over represented as the offenders

Fulwood man Javeed Patel jailed for raping a teenager on her way home

May 20th 2013

An Asian man who preyed on a 19-year-old girl as she walked home from the city centre has been found guilty of rape.

Javeed Patel, 33, of Garrison Road, Fulwood was convicted by th jury of two counts of rape.

Patel approached the victim on Lincoln Street in the early hours of Sunday 7 October last year.

He followed the victim in his car and offered her a lift home.

She was driven to a nearby location and subjected to a serious sexual assault which took place inside the car.

Det Insp Jo Edwards from Preston Police said: “As the senior investigating officer, I am pleased with the jury’s decision to find Patel guilty of this offence.

“This incident, which took place during the early hours, was particularly sinister. The victim did not know her attacker.

“As we do with all reports of sexual offences, we have had specially trained officers working closely with the victim in this case to provide appropriate support.

“I would like to reassure the community of Preston that offences of this type are uncommon but we will always do all we can to bring any offenders to justice.”

Patel will be sentenced on 20th June at Preston Crown Court.


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