Muslim Rape Jihad: An Open Letter to Joseph Harker of the Guardian

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An Open Letter to Joseph Harker of the Guardian

Dear Joseph,

Recently you wrote an article for the Guardian entitled “It’s time to face up to the problem of sexual abuse in the white community” in which you satirically suggested there was a problem with the indigenous white community in Britain because of the existence of solitary white paedophiles, and that since white paedophilia in Britain was the same as Muslim paedophilia in Britain, it was wrong to draw conclusions about religion or cultural clash when Pakistani rape-gangs target white girls.

You suggested that anyone who thinks the recent spate of Muslim rape-gangs (in Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham, Keighley, Telford, Oxford and Ipswich to name but a few) may be the result of cultural clash or were ethnically targeted, was being “racist” and pandering to “Islamophobia”.

My question to you, Joseph, is what about when the rapists themselves draw that connection?

  • Muslim Anjum Tahir raped an English woman because, in his own words, he “didn’t understand the English way of doing things”. [Source]
  • Muslims led by Bilal Skaf gang-raped white girls, repeatedly referring to their ethnicity in a derogatory way. [Source]
  • Muslims led by Ashtiaq Asghar murdered a white girl they were having sex with, calling her a “Kuffar (non-Muslim)” and a “Dirty White Bitch Who Opens Her Legs”. [Source]
  • Muslim Adil Rashid had sex with 13 year-old girl and said he didn’t know it was wrong because his Muslim upbringing taught him girls were worthless. [Source]
  • Muslim paedophile Azad Miah called his victims “White Trash” [Source] and said “In My Country Age Doesn’t Matter” [Source]
  • Muslim rapist Abdul Reda Al Shawany raped two women as punishment for reading the Bible, saying “Let Your Jesus Help You”. [Source]
  • Muslim rapists the Khan brothers gang-raped girls and said they did it because they weren’t wearing head-scarves and in their culture women can’t say no. [Source]
  • “Strict Muslim” Sunny Islam raped multiple girls as punishment for being outside. [Source]
  • Muslim Rapist Esmatullah Sharifi said he raped women because of “cultural differences” and he didn’t understand what “consent” was. [Source]
  • Muslim gang led by Shamrez Rashid raped girls as part of their Eid celebrations, and the court was packed with vocal Muslim supporters. [Source]
  • Katie Taylor was groomed by Muslims who “said they couldn’t be seen with her because she was white”. [Source]
  • Nigerian [50% Muslim] paedophile Opemipo Jaji was “obsessed with little white girls”. [Source]
  • Muslim rape-gang in Telford smuggled white girls through the back window of their takeaway because “they couldn’t be seen with white girls”. [Source]
  • Muslim rape-gang leader Shabir Ahmed said in court “It’s not just them who are racist, we are racist too!”. [Source]
  • Girl A in the Rochdale case “was singled out because she was white”. [Source]
  • White Australian girls complain of constant racial-sexual harassment by Lebanese men. [Source]
  • North African rapist in France “was angry at white people” and “wanted to humiliate white people”. [Source]
  • Mufti Shahid Mehdi who said “Women are not entitled to respect when they walk around without a Hijab. They are to blame when they are attacked” rapes a Danish woman, then accuses her of being racist. [Source]
  • Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali says women are asking to be raped by not wearing a hijab. [Source]
  • Muslim immigrants interviewed in Sweden say “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl”. [Source]
  • Pakistani who raped white girl told her “this is how it is in my religion”. [Source]
  • “Asian” men in Britain are 5 times more likely to be groomers than white men in Britain. [Source]
  • Black rapist in France asked white women their nationality and religion before raping them. [Source] [Source] [Source]

I invite you to cite ONE case where a gang of indigenous British men gang-raped a Pakistani girl referring to her ethnic background, or ONE case where a non-Muslim rapist tried to justify it with their religion, and I’ll admit you have a point. Until then, I think I’ve blown you out of the water.

Best regards


6 thoughts on “Muslim Rape Jihad: An Open Letter to Joseph Harker of the Guardian”

  1. Joseph Harker,

    It’s short sighted, ignorant, do-gooding fools like you that the average Brit can thank for the rapid increase in asian rapes on white girls.
    Instead of attacking the perps you and your likes make them look like the victim rather than the other way around.
    If you have kids give them some thought before writing your next left wing article glorifying these asian animals

    1. This is the point he’s to old to have kids; to old to have a teenage daughter and worry if she and her friends might visit the wrong takeaway this Saturday night

  2. QUOTE:: ONE HUNDRED GIRLS WERE AT RISK…. … WE MARCHED IN TELFORD, we exposed this vile MOSLEM paedophile, rapist and grooming gang, and we were called fascist or racist.. ONE HUNDRED GIRLS!!!!!.. But as we know, the authorities, the Police and the Council hid the facts, as they still do even today… SHAME ON THEM ALL.. 100 girls is MORE than any case in the Country.. We fought long and hard, we have been vindicated, justice is served… RESPECT TO THE EDL AND TO ALL WHO MARCHED AND FOUGHT FOR JUSTICE.. WE THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS..

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