The Proposed Leeds Mosque And UK Islamic Mission The Extremists Behind It

Saturday saw the English Defence League holding a regional demonstration in  Moortown ,Leeds. The EDL demo took place  at the invitation of residents angered after the go ahead was given to plans to turn a derelict pub into a Muslim-run community centre on Leeds’ Lingfield estate.  The demo passed off relatively peaceful given that as usual extremist troublecausers  from the communist SWP/UAF and a local university student union were in attendance counter protesting. Once again sticking their noses into issues which doesn’t concern them as they wont have to live with this mosque on their doorstep. By the time its completed the UAF will be back in their middle class homes well away and the students will be scattered around Britain to whichever town they came to university from.
The local residents feel they have been massively let down by the council who gave planning permission for the mosque/ Muslim centre despite several hundred members of the local community objecting to the conversion to an Islamic centre.

Julian Marshall, a member of Lingfield Residents’ Association, said:

“There were so many objections against it, not because it is a race issue, but there’s less than 3% Muslim population on the estate.

“I wish it hadn’t come to this. It seems we have been completely and utterly betrayed by the council.”

patriots from the EDL against the mosque building
Patriots from the EDL against the mosque building
EDL supporters fly the George Cross proudly
EDL supporters fly the George Cross flag proudly
Far left extremists from the UAF/ SWP counter protest. Note the communist flag to the left of picture.
Far left extremists from the UAF/ SWP counter protest. Note the communist flag to the left of picture.

Another fine example of authorities appeasing the Muslims and ignoring the majority in doing so. Given the high number of objections and the very small amount of Muslims that actually live in the area. The council should have thrown the planning application straight out if it held no bias to certain minority’s in the community. It’s not much a community centre when it is Muslim exclusive and of no benefit to 97 % of the people.

Its pretty obvious that any non Muslim living nearby, who cares about the area they live is going to have concerns. The people living there aren’t that stupid not to realise that with such a small number of Muslims on the estate to actually cater for, then its Muslims from out of the area that are going to be the majority of people using it. The outcome of this  is eventually inevitable.  The non local Muslims decide they want to live near the mosque, as more and more move in the area starts to become an Islamic enclave. The area goes downhill and becomes more undesirable, property prices plummet and the remaining non Muslim residents end up being forced out as has happened in many areas of Northern England over recent years.

The local peoples fears over the planned Moortown mosque are quite rightly justified after looking into UK Islamic Mission the ‘Muslim Charity’ behind the proposed mosque/community centre. UK Islamic Mission operate 40 mosques and Islamic centres around the UK. Their whole existence is aimed at spreading Islam in Britain. The building of mosques and Islamic centres is central to their methodology giving them bases around Britain to practice dawah from in attempts to Islamize the local areas. Unfortunately for the people of Leeds its quite a radical hardline version of Islam that they preach. Their website calls for all women to be covered from head to toes except for the hands,eyes,nose and mouth. A video of regarding their ultra Islamic teachings can be seen here at The Islamic Far Right In Britain website. This old article on the leftist Guardian paper also cites UK Islamic Missions extremist views.

Also of very much concern should be that UK Islamic Mission has something of  a stronghold in the Birmingham areas of Sparkhill and Alum Rock, with 4 mosques/Islamic centres based there to preach their radical Islam from. Sparkhill / Alum Rock are the areas of Birmingham that were the home to the British Muslim terrorists to feature in this years 2 most high-profile terrorist cases. 11 man terror cell that were jailed for plotting murder on British soil and sending people to terrorist training camps in Pakistan. Then the most recent cases of the 6 jihadist Muslims that were planning on blowing up the EDL demo in Yorkshire, which only by pure luck that they was caught with a boot full of weapons. Some may say that is just coincidence, personally I think believe it is just coincidence at your own peril. 

The facebook page of Moortown and Leeds Against the Islamic Centre 

One thought on “The Proposed Leeds Mosque And UK Islamic Mission The Extremists Behind It”

  1. The truth about UKIM and the spread of totalitarian Islam will not be denied. Our government is complicit in organised corruption, allowing Islam to dominate over every other creed and colour in our multicultural society. Our freedom is being sold down the river over the cost of a barrel of oil.

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