George Galloway Claims Respect Party is definitely NOT a Muslim party

Anti British traitor MP George Galloway  has claims  his Respect  Party is “definitely not a Muslim party”  at a meeting launching their Rotherham branch. This is the same George Galloway who claimed he doesnt support Islamic dictators and their regimes nor terrorism despite his friendship with with Saddam Hussein, Hamas and the Iranian leadership. Although technically speaking his Respect party isnt a Muslim party. Its a party for Muslims AND their appeasers backed by Islamist extremist group IFE.

George Galloway insists Respect is ‘definitely, definitely, definitely NOT a Muslim party’

GEORGE Galloway today strongly emphasised the political standing of his Islamist-backed party, insisting Respect is “definitely not a Muslim party.”

By: Charlotte Meredith

Published: Tue, May 7, 2013

George-Galloway-said-Respect-is-definitely-not-a-Muslim-party-Pic-Rex-George Galloway said Respect is definitely not a Muslim party (Pic: Rex)

At the launch of the Rotherham Branch of the Respect Party today, Mr Galloway said Britain is “ripe for political change,” adding that “Rotherham could do better.”

Discussing his party’s political standing at Talbot Lane Methodist Church, Mr Galloway, who is an alleged Muslim convert, said: “We are definitely, definitely, definitely not a Muslim party.”

In the past, the party has been accused of abandoning some traditional liberal-social issues, particularly involving women, in order to attract Muslim support.

 George Galloway was kicked out of Labour 10 years ago

It is important for everyone to remember that Australia has strong laws against inciting violence and racial vilification

The former Labour left-winger, who was suspended and subsequently expelled from the party in 2003, has recently been warned by the Australian Government against inciting violence and vilification during an impending trip.

Mr Galloway has in the past called for a global alliance between Islam and the Left to fight “the Zionist occupation, American occupation, British occupation of poor countries, mainly Muslim countries”.

A spokeswoman for Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus warned “public speakers should respect the cultural diversity that exists in Australia”.

“It is important for everyone to remember that Australia has strong laws against inciting violence and racial vilification,” she said.


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