Austria kisses the Islamist crocodile

Reblog from Europe News      H/T:  EJ Bron

Translated from German

Austria kisses the Islamist crocodile

Europe News • 19 April 2013

In the late 1970 years, a father bought his little girl a baby alligator for his birthday. The child was delighted with it as you handed her the reptile, because they had seen similar in children’s books

Full of joy, she tried to kiss the crocodile, which you then bite into the nose. The little girl was crying and had to be rushed to the hospital and the angry father tried to get rid of the nasty little crocodile.

The next day, the police reported that a strange creature swimming in the Danube Canal.

The crocodile was rescued from the canal and the father cautioned, because he may have been the cause for this was that the crocodile would almost cold in the cold water.

Animal rights activists complained because the animal had been misunderstood and they pushed for more understanding. But you could see that it had only defended himself:

Shortly after the story of the two Muslim crocodile attacked with machine guns and grenades armed terrorists on a synagogue in the just held a Bar Mitzvah ceremony for children.

The offender, Mohammed Rajeh, was a mathematics student who had lived in Austria for two years. He and his accomplice, Marwan Hasan shouted” PLO PLO “while they were shooting.

Two months earlier, two terrorists were arrested at the airport after he was found Kalashnikov and hundreds of grenades in their luggage.

The terrorists were reported and it was sent a formal protest to the PLO representative in Vienna, who was also thrown out of the country after the incident.

The former socialist chancellor of Austria, Bruno Kreisky, liked, despite his Jewish ancestors Muslim terrorists and Nazis. His cabinet was composed of former Nazis and he likened Zionism with Nazism.

Although the PLO terrorists” “had called Kreisky announced that he was convinced that the attack had nothing to do with the PLO, but rather” Palestinian interests” sabotage. The” bad, unjust treatment of Palestinians in Israel is one of the reasons for such extreme actions. ”

Kreisky was the first Western leaders, who officially received Arafat, refused appeals from the Jewish community to accept and established closer ties with the PLO.


Later, Vienna was the center of German Taliban, as it was once the center of the PLO. In fact, another German Taliban was arrested in Vienna, who had planned to fly a plane into the Reichstag.

Chancellor Kreisky Vienna and delivered the PLO in the 70s there were many terrorist attacks, which of course the Jews were on the top of the list.

Today there will be about 500,000 Muslims in Austria, a country with a population of only 8.4 million. Nearly 8 percent the proportion in Vienna.

The Muslim population has doubled in a decade in Austria, they will double again much faster. Half of Muslims in Austria is younger than 25 years, twice as much as the normal population.

In 2050, the majority of children and teenagers in Austria could be Muslim. The Vienna-seventies was a place with more dogs than children and seniors, but four decades in the future, it will have less dogs and more children. The main languages ​​will then be Arabic and Turkish.

And if global warming really takes place, maybe even swim in the Danube crocodiles.

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