Human Rights 1 Common Sense 0 : ECHR Say Schizophrenic Muslim Terrorist Can Stay in UK

Hamza lieutenant wins European human rights battle over extradition

European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

UGLY FUCKER Haroon Rashid Aswat . mental muslim terrorist European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

Muslim terrorist Haroon Aswat has been told be the cranks at the  European Court of Human Rights he can stay in the UK instead of being extradited to The United States to face terror charges He is accused by the US authorities of conspiring, along with hook hand hate preacher Abu Hamza, to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon between June 2000 and December 2001.Paranoid schizophrenic Haroon Aswat is currently being held in Broadmoor mental hospital while fighting the extradition.  The Muslim extremist is regarded by many as Abu Hamza’s right hand/hook man. Many security official’s believe him to be the mastermind of London’s 7/7 terror attacks. Phone records show he made over 20 calls to the suicide bombers in the weeks before and conveniently left the UK only hours before the attack.

The Leftist European Court of Human Rights has ruled the Islamic terrorist faces inhuman or degrading treatment if removed because of his mental condition.In the ruling given by a chamber of seven judges, the court said: “In light of the medical evidence before it, the court found that there was a real risk that Mr Aswat’s extradition to the USA, a country to which he had no ties, and to a different, potentially more hostile prison environment, would result in a significant deterioration in his mental and physical health.” And the judges found that, if he was convicted, he could face the “highly restrictive regime” of ADX Florence, breaching Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits degrading or inhuman treatment.

The American Federal Prison system’s “highly restrictive regime” would breach his human rights. Are these socialist judges at the ECHR for real??? It’s a highly restrictive regime for a very good reason. That is because ADX Florence is the home to the worst of the worst. Terrorists,spies, Mexican drug lords, serial killers the lot. The prisoners are kept on 24 hour lockdown and have no contact with each other at all for obvious security reasons and what may result if a few of the prisoners put their heads together. The ECHR must think it should be a holiday camp for him or something.  He gave up all his rights when decided on a life of terrorism which in case the courts forgot kills innocent people. Evil scum like that deserve putting down not their human rights defending. Whats the point in having justice systems if you can play the human rights card and avoid proper punishment. 

The highest security level Federal prisoners of which a large amount are convicted Islamic terrorists including British Muslim shoe-bomber Richard Ried. It also houses notorious former state prisoners, people who are to evil or disruptive even for America’s state prison  ‘Supermax’ facilities. These include Barry Mills founder of the Aryan Brotherhood who has killed 4 other inmates whilst in prison. O.G Mack, leader of the black prison gang ‘United Blood Nation’.  H Rap Brown, cop killer and member of the violent and racist ‘Black Panther’ group. Cuban Luis Felipe, leader of street gang  ‘The Latin Kings’ who was found guilty of arranging several murders from inside state prison. Richard Lee McNair, murderer who has escaped from 3 different prisons.Mafia mobster Anthony Casso,under boss of the Lucchese crime family currently serving 13 consecutive life sentences plus 455 years in federal prison.

A Home Office spokesman said:

“We are disappointed that the European Court of Human Rights found that extradition to America would breach Haroon Aswat’s human rights.”The judgment does not become final for three months and we will consider as a matter of urgency all the legal options which are available to us. This includes whether we request a referral of the case to the Court’s Grand Chamber.”

Stuff his human rights and wasting more taxpayers money. Bag over head, back of a van, military plane  to USA. Problem solved. 

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