Christian Who Was Bullied By Muslim Co-Workers At Heathrow,Tells Of Muslim Security Risk

So often we hear about Muslim’s using the European Courts to their advantage either when their playing the victim claiming discrimination or against the British authorities to avoid deportation. More often than not the Muslims who play the system using leftist human rights laws in the European Courts are the filth of Islam. Vile undesirables such as hate preacher Abu Qatada , the suicidal Muslim terrorist and numerous Muslim rapists that have no place in civilized society. So it actually makes a refreshing change to hear about somebody planning on appealing to the courts that  has genuinely been unfairly treated.

Christian Nohad Halawi, an immigrant from Lebanon living in the UK was an employee at London’s Heathrow airport when she became the victim of Muslim bullies in the workplace. She was targeted after her Islamist co-workers discovered that she wasn’t a Muslim but a Christian. They had wrongly presumed she was a member of the cult of Islam due to her Lebanese background. Mrs Halawi became the victim of a hate campaign by the Islamofascists she worked with. After reporting the harassment and abuse by Muslims to her supervisors hoping to get the issue resolved, disgracefully found herself getting the sack when 5 of the Muslim bullies claimed she was anti-Islamic

It was only a matter of time before things like this started happening here in the UK. You only have to look at the goings on around the world involving Islamic extremists bullying and persecuting people of other faiths. Now they have got their foot in the door here, they are using political correctness against infidels as a weapon to aid their stealth jihad. With each result in their favour like Nohad Halawi losing her job, it’s another step closer to their cause of Islamizing Britain.

What is equally if not more disturbing than the bullying and her losing her job, is some of the other goings on at the UK’s busiest airport involving Muslim staff she has brought to light. Such as Muslim employees trying to convert people on the job and bullied Christians. The handing out of extremist literature and their terrorist supporting opinions they are happy to tell others.The scariest claim she has made regards some of the Muslim extremists working in airport security. She said, “if they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him”

Bearing in mind the large amount of British based Islamic terrorists that we have faced lately.That it was Muslims who committed 9/11 using planes, that shoe bomber Richard Reid was British and the failed underpants bomber was radicalized in the UK. Muslim extremists working in airport security is hardly the best situation. It only takes them knowing or unknowing  letting 1 Muslim brother onto a plane who happens to have a bomb strapped to himself and we have another Lockerbie, and with it 100’s of innocent lives lost in the name of Allah. 

Christian airport worker vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg after being granted right to appeal against sacking

  • Nohad Halawi, 48, was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic
  • The beauty consultant claims ‘extremist’ workmates tried to convert people on the job and bullied Christians


PUBLISHED: 20:40, 12 April 2013 | UPDATED: 10:41, 13 April 2013

Fight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing todayFight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing today

A Christian worker who claims she was sacked from her job at Heathrow following a ‘race hate’ campaign by ‘Muslim extremists’ today vowed to take her unfair dismissal case ‘all the way to Luxembourg’ to the European Court of Justice.

Nohad Halawi allegedly weathered cruel rumours that she was ‘anti-Islamist,’ on top of a systematic catalogue of intimidation that included telling the 48-year-old that she would go to Hell if she did not convert to Islam.

Halawi, previously a beauty consultant for luxury cosmetics brand Shiseido, was then booted out of her 13-year-long job in Heathrow Airport’s World Duty Free shop, after going to her seniors with concerns about the verbal tirades she was subjected to.

She also claims ‘extremist’ colleagues brought the Koran to work to try and convert people to Islam and even handed out leaflets promoting terrorism, as well as declaring that it was ‘a shame’ the failed July 21 London bombings did not go off.

Having taken her tribunal case to the courts in 2011, Halawi lost after it was ruled that as a part time and commissioned-based freelance she was not a staff employee.

Today, however, she won the right to appeal.

Speaking outside court, the mum-of-two from Weybridge, Surrey, told how the abuse started after she stuck up for a Christian colleague who was left in tears after Muslim staff made fun of her for wearing a cross necklace.

She said: ‘At first, because I am from Lebanon, they assumed I was Muslim but when they found out I wasn’t they started bullying me.’

 Halawi, who came to Britain from Lebanon in 1977, continued: ‘They used to say about 9/11 that it serves the American’s right and that it was a shame the failed London bombings did not go off. When I asked them why they did not go back and live in their own country if they didn’t like the UK, they said ‘we came to the West to try and convert as many people to Islam as we can.’

She also revealed insider knowledge on life within Heathrow: ‘They keep coming to the airport and many of them work in security. It is terrible there. If they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him. And you’re telling me this is safe security.’

Employment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 yearsEmployment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 years

Mrs Halawi said she once found extremist leaflets in one of her Muslim colleague’s drawers but the airport turned a blind eye. She said: “Management told him to throw them away. I later found out he had been sacked from other terminals for handing them out and inciting religious hatred, but duty free covered it up as they are scared of labelled Islamophobic.”

She was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic followed a heated conversation in the store.

After her sacking 28 colleagues, some of them Muslims, signed a petition calling for her reinstatement claiming she was dismissed on the basis of “malicious lies”, but it was unsuccessful.

Having lost her first unfair dismissal campaign, Halawi received help from the Christian Legal Centre to further her case and has subsequently won a right to appeal.

She added: ‘I am not and have never been racist or anti religion. I have many Muslim friends. I am doing this because I want to show that people It’s not fair to use the religion card. They’ve ruined my life. They’ve ruined my family’s lives. I can’t get work and am relying on friends and family to get by’

A spokesperson for World Duty Free refused to comment because of the ‘ongoing legal proceedings.’
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