‘Jesus Was a Muslim And Was A Close Relative To Mohammed ‘ This Silly Muslim Has Been Listening To Choudary To Much

Last week,one of the posts contained a Video about  Islamic Sharia Law coming to the Uk. As is normally the case whenever somebody criticises Islam the Muslim apologists come out in force in its defence. If they have nothing valid to say that they can use against the criticism of Islam/ Mohammed / Allah / Anything else Muslim related. Then thats when either the obscenities start (which I am often on the receiving end of) usually involving sex and the targets family member or they state something that’s completely fabricated and makes them look a prick.

It seems not only is Islam the pinnacle of stupidity, but its followers are also not only brain-washed idiots but also brain- dead idiots. On the Youtube page for the video some Muslim had posted the comment to the original poster

SMLIPRT 2 weeks ago

Is this how you spread your Jesus religion? by deceit, and hateful tactics..wow..Man i tell you something, Its not Jesus you are following, its Paul or Saul who taught you all this evil things. Prophet Jesus said, threat others as u want to be treated..do unto others as you want to be done unto you…If Jesus came back today, you’ll probably call the police on him because he does not fit the profile or the image you created for him on your profile..lol

When the 1st Muslim guy  called Jesus the prophet I felt like i had to set him straight on that 1. Not that calling Jesus a prophet bothered me, more on principal because there’s plenty of practising Christians that it may upset because its contrary to what they believe.Also if it had been the other way and a Christian blaspheming in a comment about the false prophet, the Islamists would be 1st to complain about it. BTW the Saul who he mentions learning evil off is somebody who is meant to of lived a 1000 years before J.C and hardly even mentioned in the bible, other than his brother David killed the Giant Goliath with his catapult. 

kafircrusaders 1 week ago

Prophet Jesus,NO. Jesus is the Son of God not a prophet. Why would anybody call the police on someone sinless,meaning they did no wrong like Jesus Christ. –> Jesus gave his life and was killed to save others. Mohammed killed others to save his own life.<–Spot the difference

Then along came  Jackanory claiming Millions of Christians are converting to Islam every year which is somewhat an  exaggeration. He then claimed Mohammed & Jesus close relatives like their 2nd cousins or something. Which is in itself would be something of a miracle as Jesus lived 500+ years before Mohammed was born. Going off the Muslim apologists comments it would  actually work out that Jesus was born 2 generations after Mohammed

Hafiz Quraan 16 hours ago

incorrect, prophet muhammad never strucked an animal, Millions of chritians accept islam every year and 60-70% of them are women, and jesus mother was mary and her father was imran and his great great grandfather was isaac(son of abraham) prophet muhammad`s great great grandfather was ishamel(brother of isaac and 2nd son of abraham) jesus and muhammad were very close relatives, prove it, that jesus said himself in his own words”i am god, worship me”

 in reply to kafircrusaders (Show the comment)
It would seem Hafiz has been listening to Muslim crackpots like Anjem Choudary to much, as it was only a couple of weeks ago he was out in London claiming J.C was a Muslim
anjem choudary and his muslim against crusades trying to convince the people of london jesus was a muslim

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