Muslim Drug Gang From Blackburn Jailed For Selling Heroin and Crack

A Muslim drug dealing gang have been jailed for a total of 24 years for selling heroin and crack blatantly on the streets of Blackburn. The ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, of Queens Road, Blackburn, was sentenced to 5 years in his ABSENCE as he is currently in Pakistan allegedly caring for his sick Grandfather!!!!  Come on!! are the authorities really that stupid to of allowed the ringleader of a drugs network before the trial to leave the country to go to Pakistan and think he is going to come back to the UK to go directly to jail and serve his 5 year sentence.He is never coming back to Britain from there unless under a false name with fake ID. Another CPS / police balls up for not remanding him in the first place when he was arrested then failing to make him give up his passport or allowing him to leave the country for Pakistan with such a lame reason. The old guy probably has a minimum of 20 other grandchildren who weren’t facing a major drug trial and could have gone to Pakistan instead

JAILED Mohammed Tasawar pulled the fast 1 and did a runner to Pakistan before facing trial to allegedly care for a sick family member
JAILED Mohammed Tasawar
JAILED Zafar Iqbal muslim drug dealer sold deadly heroin and crack cocaine to british kids in blackburn
JAILED Zafar Iqbal
JAILED Rameez Hussain blackburn  islamic drug network member sentenced to prison for selling class a drugs on the street
JAILED Rameez Hussain

MEMBERS of a drugs gang who used luxury hire cars to deliver heroin and crack cocaine across Blackburn have been jailed for a total of 24 years.

The street dealing network was smashed when a brave police officer managed to climb through the window of a car as it sped away from a roadblock.

Detective Sergeant Andy Osbaldeston stopped the vehicle – and the gang’s crimes unravelled.

It was discovered one of the men in the car had swallowed 15 wraps of the drugs in a bid to hide the illegal substances.

As police carried out further inquiries they uncovered a series of similar incidents across Blackburn in which hire cars had fled police trying to flag the vehicles down.

Using evidence from 27 days of observations from both patrol and plain clothes officers and calls from residents, detectives pieced together two years of drugs dealing involving eight Blackburn men.

Police said the men used some of their profits to to hire high-class cars such as Audi A3s and A4s, BMWs, and Mercedes.

Members of the street dealing network were seen pulling up on streets to make suspicious transactions from their cars.

Preston Crown Court was yesterday told that blatant drug dealing took place at all times across the town in such areas as Roman Road, Rawsthorn Street, Bennington Street, Wimberley Street, Westbury Gardens, Pringle Street, Willow Street, Whalley Old Road, and Preston New Road.

Police believe the unusual method of distributing drugs was designed to disguise their illegal activity.

Yesterday six members of the gang were jailed for a total of more than 24 years.

They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs while two other men admitting being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, 25, of Queens Road, Blackburn, used his full, clean driving licence to hire the majority of the cars and was dealing for ‘commercial gain’.

The married dad of one was sentenced to five years in his absence.

He is currently in Pakistan tending to his ill grandfather and will be jailed on his return.

His ‘trusted lieutenant’ Zafar Iqbal, 24, also of Queens Road became addicted to cocaine aged 14, contributing to a bi-polar disorder and a 5g a day habit.

He was jailed for four years eight months.

Rameez Hussain, 23, of Cambridge Close, Blackburn, was jailed for four years and four months.

Riyaaz Yusuf, 23, of Thornhill Close, Blackburn, hired six of the vehicles used in the network under his own name.

He was jailed for three years and four months.

Father-of-one Yasar Hussain, 25, of Cumberland Street, Blackburn, was locked up in 2003 for drug supply as a teenager.

He was jailed for four years.

Fellow conspirator Ishaq Mehuddin, 23, of Irving Place, Blackburn, was jailed for three years.

Nadim Afzal, 24, of Queens Road, and Zaheer Mirza, 23, of Azalea Road, Blackburn, both claimed to have only been present in a car during a single transaction and were both given suspended sentences.

Judge Maurice Greene told the gang: “This was more than just simple street dealing.”

The court heard the operation was smashed when DS Osbaldeston pulled over a Volkswagen Passat.

But as he approached and opened a door, it mounted a pavement and drove off, with the officer sprinting alongside.

As it approached a line of parked cars, the officer had to fling himself inside the moving vehicle seconds before being crushed.

It was being driven by ringleader Tasawar with passenger Iqbal who had swallowed all but one of 15 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin.

After the case, a spokesman for A&S Car Hire in Blackburn which rented out the cars said they ‘did not suspect’ what the gang were up to.

He said: “We co-operated fully with the police and handed over our books.

“We just thought they had extra cash to burn and were showing off in fast cars – it is a fashion among some young men.

“They had to show a driving licence and proof of address.

“Since all this we have changed our policy to a £1,000 deposit and only hire to over 25s.”

Detective Inspector Neil Ashton said: “The sentences are the culmination of months of hard work and should demonstrate our determination to pursue and prosecute drugs dealers.”

3 thoughts on “Muslim Drug Gang From Blackburn Jailed For Selling Heroin and Crack”

  1. “are the authorities really that stupid to of allowed the ringleader of a drugs network before the trial to leave the country to go to Pakistan and think he is going to come back to the UK”

    It’s completely standard. With the murder of Kris Donald, the scum ran off to Pakistan. So did the serial child rapist from Bradford (CPS gave him his passport back halfway through his trial). The UK has no extradition treaty with Pakistan.

    If they flee the country, we should deport every relative of these scumbags. Deport their mothers, fathers, wives, children.

    Tommy Robinson wasn’t given the chance to abscond – the locked him up on remand for months, for using a passport that belonged to someone else. But murderers, child-rapits, druglords are all allowed to flee the country. Provided they have a Pakistani passport.

  2. Very true. 1 of the Rochdale grooming gang also went awol whilst on bail and still hasnt been found. Thats why they should of been on remand from the 1st arrest because of the risk to them getting off to the motherland. i know of plenty of people who have been remanded for far less offences then again they are non muslims so dont get any preferential treatment by the courts

  3. “i know of plenty of people who have been remanded for far less offences”

    Yes. I’ve just remembered of a friend with no history of violent crime, who’d never been banned from driving, who was remanded for almost 3 months before his court case for a driving incident (it was related to a marital dispute, where his wife had been having an affair with another man). When it came to court he was sentenced to something like 6 weeks.

    But racist murderers, child rapists, etc. who can flee to a country from which they cannot be extradited are not remanded.

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