Ahmed Ali From Nelson, Lancashire On Sex Charges Against Boys

Muslim Ahmed Ali, 31, of Hereford Street, Nelson on sex offences against 2 schoolboys, is to face a crown court trial in December this year. His next appearance in the dock is over 8 months off but at least the magistrates have used some common sense for once with his bail conditions. Making him report to the police station every weekday and surrendering his passport. Better than nothing i guess but Id rather see Islamic kiddie fiddler was remanded to custody to ensure he definitely makes it to trial to face justice and doesn’t disappear beforehand.

As so many Muslim hate preachers keep telling us, under sharia law homosexuality is punishable by death. Ahmed Ali will not need to worry about his fellow Muslims lynching him though for his unlawful homosexual actions. In Islam it is not considered homosexuality unless between man and man. Not between  man and boy as the boy although male is not considered a man until he grows a beard. The dancing boys of Afghanistan are a perfect example of Islam’s backwards logic where the Taliban when in power would execute gay men yet the warlords have their own personal young dancing boys to ‘play’ with before they spout a beard.

Nelson man, 31, on boy sex charges

A NELSON man is facing crown court trial over a series of alleged sexual offences involving two teenage boys.

Ahmed Ali, 31, of Hereford Street, is accused of engaging the boys, aged 13 and 14, in sexual activity between January and March, and March and December, last year.

Ali is further charged with three offences of sexual touching, involving the boys, over a similar time period.

He has denied eight further offences of making indecent images, during an appearance before Burnley magistrates.

Sending him for trial to Burnley Crown Court, magistrates told Ali he must surrender his passport, report each weekday to Nelson police station and have no unsupervised contact with under-16s before he is next in the dock on December 19.

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