Cyclist targeted in sexual assault while riding down Doncaster street by ‘Asian’ attacker

South Yorkshire police have released an e-fit of  a Muslim wanted for sexually assaulting a Doncaster woman as she cycled down a Doncaster street.  The shameless spiky haired attacker approached the female from behind and tried grabbing her towards him. The female victim managed to ride off and the pervert chased after her making a second attempt only to be thwarted by a passing car. The brazen rush hour timing of this attack indicates this Islamo-nonce could pose a serious threat of striking again

Cyclist targeted in sexual assault while riding down Doncaster street

An e-fit image of a man police would like to trace in connection with the sexual assault of a female cyclist on Gill Street, Hyde Park.An e-fit image of a man police would like to trace in connection with the sexual assault of a female cyclist on Gill Street, Hyde Park.

Published on Monday 18 March 2013 13:09


A MAN sexually assaulted a cyclist as she rode past him on a Doncaster street, believe police.


Officers have issued an e-fit in a bid to trace the man, thought to have struck as the travelled along Gill Street, in Hyde Park.

The incident happened as the 29-year-old Balby woman made her way home.

Police said the man approached her from behind, grabbed her bottom with both hands and tried to pull her towards him.

The woman was able to escape towards Trafford Way, but was followed by the attacker who grabbed her a second time. But he fled when a car approached.

The man was described as being of Asian appearance, aged in his early twenties, 176cm tall, of slim build, with wide shoulders. His hair was medium length and ‘stuck up’. It was shortly trimmed around his ears, coming to a point on his chin but not extending into a beard.

He wore a large square cubic zircon type earring in his left ear, a light-grey knitted jumper and dark jeans.

The woman was unhurt in the incident, at around 5.45pm on Monday, February 25.

Any witnesses or anyone with information, call South Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote incident number 811 of February 25. Alternatively call Crimestoppers 0800 555111.

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2 thoughts on “Cyclist targeted in sexual assault while riding down Doncaster street by ‘Asian’ attacker”

  1. 75 percent of sex gang attacks are caused by Caucasians and other ethnic groups other than Asians. Surely if 75% of sexual exploitation is not coming from Asian Gangs then they shouldn’t be the only or even the main focus. Jimmy Saville wasn’t Asian and nor were the Catholic priests who perpetrated decades of abuse, and there must be many more like them out there. Of course Asian gangs are one part of the jigsaw, but only one part Two words.. Jimmy Saville.. White people have been getting away with this for years and nobody has mentioned race!!!People should be causing an uproar against all paedophiles regardless of ethnicity. These are vile predatory beasts and the uproar should be about eradicating them. Social services are hiding in the background because they are the ones responsible for these vulnerable children. So 75% (the majority) of sex abuse are NOT committed by these gangs. How many articles has dedicated to the other 75%, besides just reporting the incidents? How many article after article has dedicated to the other victims? It says: “NSPCC says there is danger of ‘turning a blind eye’ to abusers’ ethnicity” — so why has there never been a focus on “ethnicity” when the perpetrator is a white man? What makes a victim (75% of all victims) less worthy of attention just because they are NOT abused by these gangs? It’s a sad, sad day when victims are IGNORED because people have social and political agendas.

    The majority of child abuse is NOT gang based and is carried out by non Asians. The majority (75%) of child abuse that is gang based is NON ASIAN. So out of the ten thousand poor girls that are abused each year in the UK a very small percent of them – an extremely small percent of them are abused by Asians. Why doesn’t DM generalise and imply all BBC employees are child abusers?Whoever was responsible one fact remains – the police and child agencies simply didn’t do their job protecting innocent white girls. In any other job if you don’t do your job properly you get sacked. It’s only when police and the agencies involved are sacked.

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