Video: Jihadist Muslim Child Soldier. This Is The Real Islam

This rather disturbing video shows a young Muslim child probably no more than 10 years old  in some Middle Eastern Islamic hell-hole clutching a machine gun that probably weighs half his body weight. Round his head he proudly displays the Muslim ‘Black Flag of Jihad’  like a veteran Islamic jihadist. Ready to give the battle cry of Allah Akbar and become a martyr ending his short life.

This is the real Islam. Barbaric and violent, brimming with hate, cruel and backwards by nature. This child soldier’s family should be doing everything they can to keep their child out of harms way. But chances are they are the ones responsible for brainwashing him with the cult of Islam and encouraged him to become a jihadist.

This video shows Muslims claim that Islam is ‘The Religion Of Peace’ for the complete load of rubbish that it is. A taqiyya used to aid their stealth jihad. A deceptive lie to try and pull the wool over the eyes of those who know no better to try and further the Islamic agenda.

These child soldiers are not unusual in the Muslim world, brain washed by those around them. Filling the children’s minds with hate for the Kafir. What hope for future peace is there when the children are radicalised and if they live as long as becoming adults, by that time its to late as their past the point of no return

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