Abdul Miah Admits Knifepoint Rape Of 15 yo Girl In Newcastle

Another Muslim nonce who committed heinous sex crimes against children  

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Teenager admits knifepoint rape #casualsunited #nwi #evf #edl

A teenager has admitted raping a 15-year-old girl at knifepoint in a terrifying 90-minute ordeal.

Abdul Miah, 19, from Hull Street, Elswick, Newcastle, appeared at the city’s Crown Court via video-link and pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one of robbery.

He attacked his victim on waste ground in Elswick, in Newcastle’s West End, on December 18. He denied kidnap, false imprisonment, making threats to kill and having an offensive weapon but admitted carrying a bladed article.

Judge James Goss, the Recorder of Newcastle, will sentence him next month.

Katherine Dunn, prosecuting, said those not guilty pleas were acceptable as it was not in the public interest to make the victim go through a trial.

The judge told Miah: “I am told there is no issue in relation to the facts of the case as described by the complainant and you will be sentenced on that basis.”

He adjourned the case to allow for reports to be prepared in relation to the risk Miah poses, and other matters. Miah was remanded back into custody and will be sentenced in the week commencing April 15.

The horrendous attack was overheard by the victim’s mother, who had called the teenager’s phone when she did not come home as expected, according to reports.

When the manhunt was still on, the girl’s aunt told the Evening Chronicle newspaper: “She rang her daughter and she could hear his voice in the background, but she didn’t know where she was or what was happening.”

The mother called police after she heard Miah’s voice over the phone. He had approached the victim and robbed her at knifepoint, taking two mobile phones and money, before taking her to waste ground to rape her. Police later found the 4in (10cm) wooden-handled kitchen knife Miah used.


Interactive Map Of Britain Showing the True Scale Of The Muslim Grooming Gang and Paedophile epidemic
Interactive Map Of Britain Showing the True Scale Of The Muslim Grooming Gang and Paedophile Epidemic

One thought on “Abdul Miah Admits Knifepoint Rape Of 15 yo Girl In Newcastle”

  1. For years Governments have ignored the fact that underage children have unlawfully engaged in sex and have chosen to do nothing about it. In fact they actively encourage it with morning after pills, suggesting coils for young girls, freely available contraception etc etc. If they were firmer in enforcing the laws and ensuring that the ‘care’ and police organisations dealt firmly with this then perhaps these situations would not arise. Child protection is a joke.
    Every single person, ‘care’ and police who let this happen should be charged and dismissed ane even gaoled.
    Why were these girls able to be dragged into this situation for so long ? Girls now it seems grow up very fast and the some of the ones I hear in the local town are crude and have little discipline or show any respect… some may not be as innocent in all of this as the media is making out. The criminals here are described as from Pakistani background – why then are the young girls described as ‘white’ and not British?

    We need a debate about drug addict fathers who pimp their daughters out to local taxi drivers and don’t get charged with anything by the police. We need a debate about the place of alcohol in children’s lives. We need a debate about how we neglect our children and leave them to be vulnerable. These are also cultural questions. Of course questions should be asked when these Asian all-male gangs target white underage girls. In exactly the same way, questions should be asked when the white all-male gangs are also targetting white underage girls, and have done for centuries.

    There is a certain amount of responsibility the media can take in all of this – we are constantly shown images of young british female “celebrities” falling out of nightclubs – openly getting through numbers of public relationships and to other cultures it seems this represents all of our values – What these men have done is disgusting and they need to be sent a very strong message this is intolerable in our society but we do also need this reflected all around us within our own community – girls need better role models and to learn it is not right to be exploited at any level as a female – not by scum like these men, on the television, music, newspapers or advertising. Only a few weeks ago we had the Tulisa “scandal” – how are young women meant to learn about self esteem when this kind of behaviour has become acceptable and even rewarded.

    Children in care have ALWAYS been ignored by EVERY government, and these same kids have been used and abused going back over a century! The kids in care are treated disgustingly by society – “no one cares about us so why should we” is how they feel and its true – far to many kids are left to rot, they are abused then kicked out at 18yrs they have no idea how to live so they mostly fall into cycle of abuse, they have kids, they dont know how to raise their children so those children fall into same horrible cycle So I suggest instead of taking the moral high ground go and spend some time supporting/mentoring these kids!

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