Video: Russians VS Muslims Pre Arranged Fight

I’m not a great lover of any kind of fighting, but when I think about all the Muslims in Britain who hate everything about it and her people. People such as the Birmingham wannabe jihadists in court last week on terror charges. Hate spewers like Anjem Choudary and Abu Qatada who incite the weak-minded Muslims into wanting to kill and maim innocent people with bombs. Then the kind of pre planned fight in this Russian video makes sense. Only the Islamists like them wouldn’t have the balls to fight man to man against people willing to put up a fight back because they would get hammered. Instead the cowards would rather kill innocent women and children because thats how they roll.

5 thoughts on “Video: Russians VS Muslims Pre Arranged Fight”

  1. Whoever you are, well done and keep up the good work.
    The war, and make no mistake it’s a war, being waged by muslims against the rest of the world is gaining pace. These chicken shit goat fuckers, as you say, are more confortable blowing innocent people up than fighting man to man, so this video is a breath of fresh air, showing these twats for what they are, cowards.


  2. Dear Russians,

    I cordially invite you to Washington D.C. for the million Muslim march on 9/11/2013. Unfortunately we have too many liberal pussies here too handle the problem correctly.

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