Blood Thirsty Muslim Mob Of 2,000+ Force Christians To Flee Their Homes In Pakistan

Muslims like to play the victim all the time claiming their persecuted by others because of their religion. From trivial things in daily life  when living in infidel nations like the UK. Such as planning denied for a new mosque or Muslim children having to attend a state school instead of an extremist Islamic only schools. To worldwide issues such as the war on terror and the Israel/Palestine conflict. This is no more than a tactic of stealth jihad because they have come to realise that by acting hard done by and upset over this constant religious persecution often helps them getting their own way thanks to leftists bending over backwards to make sure the persecuted Islamists don’t get upset. Muslims also claim that Islam is ‘The Religion Of Peace’ which is another taqiyya aimed at trying to blag those who are quick to believe their words at face value, whenever Islam receives  negative attention and is under scrutiny. Muslims also like to demand we all respect their religion because they respect others. Another lie for Allah.

The goings on in Pakistan in this post dispel every one of those Muslim myths they like to keep on trying to convince us kafir. This is real religious persecution not the Islamic fictitious type. Islam is not ‘the religion of peace’ . They are violent and barbaric people in nature who cannot live in peace. Islam does not respect any other religions or have any tolerance of them.  Muslims are not the persecuted, but the persecutors of other religions.

In the hunt for an alleged blasphemer, hundreds of enraged blood thirsty Muslims charged a Christians’ locality forcing the inhabitants to flee for their lives in the Badami Bagh area of Lahore. Their homes and possessions were either ransacked or destroyed by Muslim savagery. 

Muslim mob of almost 3,000 forced the Christian community to flee for their lives

Muslim savages in Pakistan destroy Christian homes

LAHORE: Around 100 houses belonging to the Christian community were vandalised and burnt by a mob in Badami Bagh area of Lahore on Saturday over alleged blasphemy committed by a Christian man,

SSP Operations Suhail Sukhera and the SHO of Badami Bagh were also reportedly injured when the mob pelted a police party with stones.

On Friday, a mob of almost 3,000 people forced the Christian community to flee for their lives, leaving behind their houses and possessions unprotected.

The charged group had gathered around Joseph Colony on Noor Road, led by Shafiq Ahmed, who was in search of the accused Savan, alias Bubby. The mob then attacked Savan’s house, setting it on fire and pelting it with stones. Other houses in the locality – home to about 150 Christian families – were also attacked. Many residents, including women and children, hastily fled to save themselves.

Savan has been arrested and shifted to an undisclosed location.

We request all of you to please pray for them and share with your Friends.


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