Police Hunt ‘Asian’ Who Committed 3 Sex Attacks In 20 Mins

Greater Manchester police are hunting for a serial ‘Asian’ sex attacker who sexually assaulted a woman in Salford, then while making his escape he attacked a further 2 females in a 20 minute beasting frenzy. We all know only to well that when the term ‘Asian’ is used to describe the dregs of society who commit sex crimes. 99% of the time ‘Asian’ = Muslim. Given the brazeness of the sex fiend, not happy with attacking 1 woman but sexually assaulting  3 females in 20 minutes.Chances are this is yet another sex obsessed Islamic pervert who believes women are worse than animals. This is an evil individual who poses a severe danger to women until he is caught and locked up.

Three sex attacks in Salford in 20 mins

Last updated Wed 6 Mar 2013

Police in Salford are investigating after three women were sexually assaulted in the space of just 20 minutes.

Between 8.35pm and 8.55pm on Tuesday 5 March 2013, three young women were sexually assaulted in the Frederick Road / Camp Street area of Salford.

We have released details of these sexual assaults, not to cause unnecessary anxiety in the community but so that people who use this popular route can be vigilant and take precautions. It would appear this offender sexually assaulted the first victim and then two more women as he escaped. It is therefore very important we let people know what has happened so they can take all the necessary precautions, such as keeping to well-lit areas, where possible remaining in groups and reporting any suspicious activity to police.


On each occasion, the same offender approached the three victims and sexually assaulted them.

He is described as being Asian, in his late 20s to early 30s, of a medium to large build and wearing a dark hooded top and dark jeans.

Extra, high-visibility patrols will be deployed to the area in the coming days and officers are asking people who use this route to be vigilant while inquiries are ongoing to identify the offender


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