Video: Saudi Cleric Claims Bin Laden Had More Honour In Death Than Any Infidel

Saudi Cleric Saleh Al-Maghamsi: In Death, Bin Laden Has More Sanctity and Honor than Any Infidel
Qatar TV,

The average Muslim look to Islamic clerics for guidance in virtually all aspects off life. That is how they are brought up from birth in Islam. They see the religious mullahs as an authority in virtually everything because they have studied the Quran. Come to think of it the Muslim clerics also believe  they are experts in every field even though they are far from it. Yet still they have a great deal of sway in everyday actions of Muslims. If a high ranking imam said to Muslims Allah wants you to stick your hand in the fire and you will be rewarded with 10 virgins in paradise, then chances are we would be seeing more than a few Muslims walking around with their hands bandaged up. So when a deluded ‘not the religion of peace’ cleric comes out with utter rubbish like saying ” In death, Bin Laden has more sanctity and honour than any Infidel ” Then all the brainwashed Muslim cult members literally take that as the truth. 

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