Council Block Muslim School Bid In West Bromwich


Hats off to Sandwell Council for blocking a planned Muslim only school in West Bromwich when many a council would have caved in to the Muslims demands and appeased just for the sake of not upsetting the Islamo-moaners.

The Muslim group behind this proposed school must think everyone in Britain was born yesterday with some of the stuff they come out with as a valid reason for opening this school. Mind you its understandable them thinking that,as playing the victim all the time usually achieves the desired result for them.

“parents were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles”

Theres a good number of Muslim only schools within easy access for people living in West Bromwich as this list shows  so why would you send your child to Blackburn or Bradford to attend school. Why can’t they attend the local state secondary like children of other faiths do. Where they will mix with children of other religions and members of the opposite sex which would promote equality,mutual respect  and help integration.

“would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.”

No doubt Muslim only jobs which would disregard British equality laws that every other business has to follow

“to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law”

There is no sports and leisure activities within Sharia law other than those that may play a role in preparing for jihad such as javelin throwing and archery.All other types of sports are frowned on by religious mullahs and females wont be allowed to participate. Islamic religious leaders dim view on sports is reflected in the lack of sporting achievements throughout history for Muslim nations in sports tournaments.

Train to take an active role in British society as a MUSLIM not as a member of society in general. What does to be taught in a Islamic ethos mean?? Children being taught that Muslim males are superior to Muslim females and all Muslims are superior to the non-Muslims with infidel females considered the lowest of the low (perfect example), little better than animals??  That females are at the beck and call of the male and not allowed to go outside without a guardian?? That polygamy is allowed even though against the law?? That jihad is a duty of all Muslims ??  What about when it comes to the many scientific errors in  the Quran such as the World is flat or that the 1st humans were giants. Will the children be taught wrongfully facts because that’s Islamic or will they be taught the truth even if it contradicts the Quran as per curriculum.

It is well-known that Islamic schools in Britain promote extremism and hatred towards non-Muslims, Partly down to nature of Islam, partly down to the fact that it is so hard for authorities to monitor the goings on in these Muslim schools. Education inspectors can’t be present all day every day ensuring what the children are taught is in line with the national curriculum, on the odd occasion they are present the subject topic can quite easily be changed to a less radical one. The Channel 4 TV show Dispatches using hidden cameras showed the true goings on in Muslim madrassa schools. Where the teachers aren’t exactly teachers in the sense you would normally expect.  More teachers in Islamic cleric teachers who because they have read a few books on the cult of Islam, consider themselves qualified authorities on everything.

More Muslim only schools are not the answer to any of Britain’s ongoing issues with Muslims. If anything they are part of the problem. Instead of learning tolerance and respect for other faiths, Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation. If they are being pumped full of hatred at an early age and not even mixing with non-Muslim children at school,then that can only be bad for future cohesion and integration.


Muslim education trust loses bid to open school in empty West Bromwich office block

25 Feb 2013 14:17

Sandwell Council rules site near to industrial units is unsuitable for a school

 Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich
Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich

Parents who claimed they were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles away have lost their bid to open a Muslim secondary school in the Black Country.

Birmingham and Sandwell Education Trust, an umbrella group set up by Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Muslim leaders, earmarked a vacant site in West Bromwich for the project.

They claimed parents had to send their children to independent schools as far away as Blackburn and Bradford to be taught the ethos of their religion.

But Sandwell Council’s planning committee decided the proposed site, Waterside House, in Charles Street, was unsuitable for the project.

The Health and Safety Executive advised against the scheme because of the building’s “proximity to hazardous premises”, including a chemical distribution unit.

The Trust had applied for permission under the name of Derby-based Mohsin Teladia, and released a design and access statement through Birmingham-based agents Design Space 2.

In a lengthy ‘statement of need’ document, it said the scheme would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.

It said it wanted to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law.

The Trust said of pupils: “They will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to be the guides for their community, so their community flourishes with the peaceful message of Islam and promoting the values of equality and responsibility to promote social cohesion both in the Muslim community and in the non-Muslim community.”

It said pupils would not be a “burden on society” and would pay fees of around £1,800 a year.

But planning officer Douglas Eardley said the development should be refused as it was on land designated by planning policies for employment use, and would be ‘adversely affected by existing industrial uses’.

And he agreed with council highways officers that parking was “inadequate”.

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