Video: UAF Commies Get Upset When Patriots Do A Counter Protest Of Their Own

The UAF/SWP Stalinist’s don’t like it when the shoes on the other foot. They are without a doubt the biggest bunch of hypocrites you will ever encounter. When anybody who’s opinion differs from their communist one way of thinking then they are scum, fascist, nazi should be given no freedom of speech and have no right to have their grievances heard and must be opposed.  Its disgraceful that people who give a shit about their country such as the EDL or other patriots  are allowed to protest, run up police bills and disrupt people going about their everyday business.  

Yet when they dont like something such as government cuts due to wasting so much on handouts for immigrants, or the dole sending people on work experience or Gypsies who are living somewhere illegal and being evicted. Then all that goes out of the window, the fascist government and their democracy need opposing .

Whenever the EDL or other patriot groups want to protest. Then the commies are there scaremongering, shit stirring, telling lies, organizing counter protests and doing what ever they can to disrupt things. Fast forward a little and those said communist scumbags who  hate free speach are in Manchester City Centre protesting about leftist issues. Then low and behold the infidels turn up with a counter protest of their own. Communist dummies start getting spat out everywhere as they quickly hide behind the police before getting on a loudspeaker shouting the usual racist nazi scum bile as always which is just a variation of Godwins Law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies).

The infidels do a damm fine job of winding up the leftist cold war lovers running amok. Id loved to of seen it had their been no police there. Note the far left extremist video creators title trying to suggest they had been attacked literally. No commies thats just peacefully counter protesting like the UAF claim.

Nice 1 to the infidel party-crashers, made my day laughing at the commies squealing

2 thoughts on “Video: UAF Commies Get Upset When Patriots Do A Counter Protest Of Their Own”

  1. Freedom to publicly express ones opinion is what makes the U.K. so different from the tyrannies of Communism (China, Cuba, N. Korea, etc) and Islamism (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Sudan, etc.). Leftists & Muhammadans are attempting to deny free speech rights to those who question or oppose their agenda. Those brave souls who hundreds of years ago fought for “the rights of Englishmen” would be shocked to see those hard won liberties overthrown by recent arrivals and Bolshevik-indoctrinated 5th columnists (“educated” in government schools). If this continues we will all become slaves of the militant extremists who want to control our lives. Continue to stand firm against those who threaten your freedoms and who would impose tyrannical control over you.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Good target, wrong rally. If you attack the SWP protesting cuts, they can portray you as a tool of the capitalists. In a way, the UAF is responsible for these attacks, because they mask themselves and remain anonymous, leaving the EDL no other choice than to attack the Left in general. As the Left nowadays no longer sees Anti-Semitism as necessary for fascism, I fear a classic replay of the twenties.

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