Muslim Asylum Seeker Jailed For Gay Rape Of Men In Manchester

A Muslim asylum seeker who was working as a taxi driver in Manchester has been jailed for gay rape.He used the taxi as a way of enticing drunk males looking to get home into his car. Where he would drive against their wishes to isolated places before sodomizing them.

He had claimed asylum in the UK from Algeria amidst claims of persecution for being bisexual. Yet despite being granted asylum here so he could live freely with his sexuality. He still committed heinous sex crimes against males. Considering Manchester being 1 of the most gay friendly places in Europe and having a gay village in the city centre where from what i have seen and heard of it, the gay males seem very promiscuous to say the least.He could quite easily of gone to 1 of the bars or gay saunas and met somebody for consensual gay sex instead of raping drunk men. Clearly he got some sort of power trip out of it. Thankfully he faces deportation when he id released from prison.

Jail for Gay Village rape monster who fled sexual persecution

18 Feb 2013 15:14

Elhadi Sakhri, 42, who preyed on revellers at Canal Street, drove terrified your men to lonely spots and brutally attacked them


A rapist cab driver who brought terror to Manchester’s Gay Village after fleeing homophobic persecution in Algeria has been jailed.

Elhadi Sakhri, 42, preyed on revellers at Canal Street. Terrified young men were driven to lonely spots and brutally attacked before being abandoned miles from home.

Manchester Crown Court heard that asylum seeker Sakhri won indefinite leave to remain in Britain nine years ago after complaining he faced persecution in Algeria because he was bisexual.

Now, after admitting two charges of rape, Sakhri, of Thorn Court, Pendleton, Salford, has been jailed for seven years and ten months. He is expected to be deported on release because of the seriousness of his crimes.

The first victim got into Sakhri’s cab at Bloom Street after a night partying in the Gay Village in the early hours of June 27. During the journey the driver quizzed the 18-year-old about his sex life and groped him.

Sakhri then sped past the passenger’s destination, pulling over in the car park of Langdale Hall, a student halls of residence which was largely unoccupied at the time. He ordered the victim out of the vehicle, shoved him against a wall and attacked the screaming teenager.

In the early hours of July 12 Sakhri struck again. CCTV captured him prowling behind his next victim, before doing a u-turn and driving up to him at the Midland Hotel.

The 22-year-old man, who had been clubbing in the Gay Village, said he wanted to go to Stretford.

Sakhri instead drove to Salford, ignoring pleas to stop, weaving through the backstreets until he reached a patch of wasteground at Hulme Street, where he raped the man. Sakhri was traced by CCTV and numberplate recognition technology.

Rachel Shenton, prosecuting, told court that the first victim described how his ordeal had left him feeling ‘constantly sick’. The second victim was left ‘devastated’, the court heard. Sakhri claimed the encounters were consensual before finally admitting guilt on the day of trial.

Nicola Gatto, defending, said of Sakhri: “He tells me he came to this country because of intolerance to his sexuality. For many years he worked in the security industry along Canal Street – on a daily basis he was dealing with young gay men in a vulnerable condition because of alcohol and yet it seems he was highly regarded.

“Quite what lies behind this offending is unclear. It seems he was leading quite a solitary existence… he had a minimal circle of friends and hadn’t had a relationship for some considerable time.”

Miss Gatto said that Sakhri had been ostracised by his Muslim family and was devastated to face deportation. She said he believed he would be at ‘physical risk’ in Algeria, where villagers had learnt of his crimes.

Locking him up and ordering him to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life, Judge Martin Steiger QC said Sakhri had ‘taken advantage’ of his position to commit sex crimes.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Asylum Seeker Jailed For Gay Rape Of Men In Manchester”

  1. What about Catholic views on homosexuality? Aspects of Christianity have succumbed to accepting it whereas other aspects of it have not like Islam. Islam CAN adapt to Britain. It constitutes around 20% of the worlds population spread across many different cultures but it knows where to draw the line. As opposed to secular liberalism which does not know where to draw the line. Legalising homosexuality? what next ? legalising paedophilia maybe?

    British public are very poorly educated regarding what Muslims believe in and why they live the life that they do. There are numerous benefits being a Muslim brings to one self. These benefits are not for this world but the world after you die.Too much of the discussions are about things like the burka and sharia law. What about all the good things that we believe in no alcohol, fasting for 1 month, no adultery , compulsory charity to the poor etc..I am not sure this is the right question. Who is a Muslim? What is a Muslim? Are Muslims that different from Christians or Jews? I think these are much better questions. I am not sure people understand what Islam is. It is hugely diverse and widely dispersed faith. There are so many ideologies and differences within that faith. So the question is how should we help people understand that. I do not think we should brand all Muslims after one extreme element. In my opinion those people are extreme mainly due to their societies rather than their faith just like many many extremist groups in the world. Islam has existed in many countries and cultures for thousands of years so why it is a problem now? Muslims adapt to Islam wherever they are, Britain doesn’t come into it except that Muslims practice their faith within the law of the country they live in. No country can force a Muslim to think in a particular way. I believe in Allah, the Creator of everything who has no partners. Now can someone tell how they can make me change what I think. Similarly at the workplace, I pray at the correct times as Muslims are commanded to do by Allah, Most Great, Most Wise. How would someone in Britain tell me I can’t pray. If there was a policy in a company where they said to you cannot pray, I would not apply for the position. Simples. If in Britain Muslims could not pray, then Muslims would simply set up their own places of business and do as they please.

    If there is any religion that is flexible and adaptable to the locality where it is being practiced, that would be Islam. Islam has been the main religion to so many cultures and nations across the world.
    I can see no conflict between the liberal values of Britain and the Islamic principles and values. Islam had brought about liberation to all human kind and in particular to women,
    The woman were allowed to vote in Islam well before this right was given to her in the modern world, the woman was allowed to inherit as oppose to being an asset to be inherited in the family.
    Islam supports and encourages art in all its forms and shapes, the art that refine the soul and better the human life.
    The human being has seen no better liberation than that s/he was granted in Islam.
    Liberation from greed
    Liberation from brutality of the rulers and governors
    Liberation from vices
    Liberation from being ill treated or ill treating others
    Liberation from racism
    Liberation from sexism
    Liberation from ageism
    Liberation from class
    All people are equal before God and the best in humans are those who observe God in their behaviour and everything they do and think.
    Muslims believe in the holy bible, and in the Christian and Jewish creeds.
    The Muslim God and the British God is one so lets them come to a common word.

  2. Leonardo de la Paor,

    Thank you for the lengthy diatribe covering every aspect of homosexuallity amongst muslim men.
    Unfortunately I do not see the point of any of this, we all know that muslim men are all shit-stabbers and actually if they confined their activities to that disgusting practice we could all sleep better at night and not be subjected to intensive security searches at airports, unable to take a bus without being frightened of being blown up, or even taking your family to the mall and returning home safely.
    Let them bum-fuck each other to death, that is not the real threat we should be concerned about, being blown up or beheaded is.

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