A Retired Social Workers Views On The Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic

Id like to share a message that was sent to Kafir Crusaders  regarding the deviant Muslim grooming gangs and the sexual exploitation of non Muslim schoolgirls. It was sent by a retired social worker and gives an indication as to how long this has been going on and possible ways to put a stop to this abuse. Bearing in mind this is from somebody who’s experienced this kind of this kind of situation 1st hand therefore offers a slight different perspective of things.

Thank to “Sarah” for sharing with us.

Subject: Child Sex Abuse by gangs

Comment: As a retired social worker I have a long perspective on the subject of the abuse of non South Asian girls by gangs of South Asians.  I personally came across it in the late 70s in Southall where men in their early thirties targeted young white girls and a black girl too.  I see this as basically a gross misuse of power just like severe bullying and torture though with more serious impact on the victims even when the sex abuse is non violent.
My concern is that while we have this high profile case at the Old Bailey – for the Asian Community a major crisis – some real efforts are made to get the men of that community to realize they must do something.  They should, using the Koran, teach that all people [including non Muslims] should be shown respect at all times. This teaching must be encouraged by their leaders. Fathers must teach their sons how they must behave specially to all women. Some of this will go against their own childhood training but this must be done or there will only be more and more dreadful behavious by Gangs of South Asians. The Muslim Community must grasp this nettle now.

Also this will involve a big change in the way these Muslims view their relatives including their wives. Domestic violence is a real issue.  This could be the chance to break with the past and move into the 21st Century. The wise parts if Islam can help the host community too.



One thought on “A Retired Social Workers Views On The Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic”

  1. this has been a problem for years across the uk

    in Bradford/Keighley it has been known about for a long time,

    looking at the Rotherham grooming scandal, it is interesting to see that the same senior manager Joyce Thacker,OBE (services to children) previously ran the youth service in Bradford, she had a track record then of claiming that it was racist to persue asian men who raped children, as the ‘girls,’ were making a choice to become prostitutes and the asian men were likley to become victims of racist police and courts.(I’m NOT making this up)

    Keith Vaz recently pulled her up and asked why there had been over 100 prosecutions in Lancashire, yet none in Rotherham, and by default none in Bradford and Keighley (hundreds of victims) she said it was ‘difficult,’ to get prosecutions and anyway they were ‘the icing on the cake’ which beggars belief £130000per year salary + amazing benefits (see commons select comittee)

    Having worked for Bradford council I saw that seniors like and including mrs thacker obe were willing to go to extreme lengths to get their own warped ways mainly through intimidation, cash bribes and sacking people using paid for evidence through ‘tax rebates’ just look at their employment records and the volume spent on ‘ legal fees’ (up to 18% of the whole budget which is a lot of money spent on gagging orders, hush money , payoffs, legal action against mouthy staff,action against the press,action against difficult citizens, security consultants, personal close protection, bodyguards,posh holidays because they are stressed and smear campaigns)

    the 30 arrests after years of screaming by the likes of anne cryer and the scandal in rotherham are being run by the same deeply corrupt and incompetent people

    abuse is abuse and it dosent matter who it is. doing something about it does matter and Joyce Thacker, the same staff she left in charge, Bradford council and the current leadership who have been forced into doing something are guilty as sin

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