East London Mosque To Host Muslim Hate Preachers In Fundraiser For Al-Qeada Jailed Terrorist

The Islamic Republic Of Tower Hamlets and its extremist East London Mosque are to host a fundraising conference for Al-Qaeda terrorist Dr Aafia Siddiqui who is serving 83 years in an American prison for attempting to kill her American interrogators after being captured in Afghanistan. Pakistani by birth she moved to America where she studied and became a prominent member of the Muslim Students Association. It was as a MSA member she fell under the spell of Abdullah Azzam, a Muslim Brother who was also Osama bin Laden’s mentor.  She wrote three guides for teaching Islam, expressing the hope in one: “that our humble effort continues … and more and more people come to the [religion] of Allah until America becomes a Muslim land.”During the recent hostage crisis in Algeria, One of the Muslim terrorists demands was to call for her release. Hardly candidate for a Nobel peace prize.

The east london mosque in the islamic republic of tower hamlets to host fundraiser for Muslim Al-qaeda prisoner with guest islamic  hate preachers

The East London Mosque is no stranger to controversy and regularly hosts Islamofascist hate preachers.  The mosque is a member of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum,a founding member of The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO),and an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain. The Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and the mosque are very closely intertwined,the organisation was created in 1989 by Muslims involved in the running of the East London Mosque.Some of the mosque’s practices reflect the Hanafi school of law. According to Delwar Hussain it shares the ideology of the Jamaat-e-Islami, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosque is a breeding ground for Muslim Extremists and pushes an Islamo-nazi ideology calling for Sharia and Islamic domination.

Guest speakers include Iman Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Islamic Centre another extremist linked mosque. He is a regular speaker for Islamist front group Caged Prisoners who have links to Al-Qeada.

Shakeel Begg urged Muslim students to participate in jihad by going to Palestine and fighting against Israel 

“Shakeel Begg, another radical cleric, recently urged students at Kingston University, southwest London, to wage jihad in Palestine. In a tape-recorded speech obtained by The Sunday Times, Begg, who is a Muslim chaplain at Goldsmiths College, part of London University, said: “You want to make jihad? Very good… Take some money and go to Palestine and fight, fight the terrorists, fight the Zionists.”  Source

The extremist imam disproves of fellow Muslims cooperating with the anti-terror police which could essentially save lives.

“It is with much sadness that I read Tawfique Chowdhury’s speech to the anti-terrorism officers in Wales, which he brazenly posted on an Islamic blog. I was deeply shocked and appalled by his enthusiasm for collaboration with a body that has failed its own war against Islam and the Muslims at home and abroad. It is deplorable for a graduate from the prestigious Islamic University of the Prophet’s city – the first Islamic State – where the subject of ‘Aqida is emphasised the most, to declare himself an ally of the West against Islam, not even by choice, but naturally. It is ridiculously outrageous for a Muslim speaker to lure the anti-terrorism officers into using him and other religious leaders against the Muslim community”    Source

Facebook event page for this terrorist fundraising conference at the extremist East London Mosque with renowned Muslim hate preachers

I’ll bet Sexcase Smith and his so-called anti fascist chums at the UAF aren’t organizing mass communist mobilization in opposition of this fascist Muslim event. In their tiny minds you have to be British and white to be considered fascist.

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