Video: New Muslim Patrol, Now Their Targeting Prostitutes

Theres a new Islamofascist patrol video surfaced. Previous Muslim Patrol videos have shown the extremists in East London targeting white people on their own drinking beer, a couple walking home, females and Homosexuals. People who arent in a position to defend themselves at the time or able to stand up to a group of  Muslim thugs in hoodies abusing them.Pure and simply cowardly bullying finding the easy targets.

This latest video is no different with the Islamic bullies walking the streets of Londistan targeting prostitution  in the area. Once again they can be heard telling 1 lone lady of the night “this is a Muslim Area”. Regardless of anybody’s own opinion of prostitution and the morales of it. These Muslim thugs are once again finding the easy target, Lone females often desperate doing what they have to survive .

The Islamists acting like their on some kind of moral high ground claiming they dont agree with prostitution especially in Muslim areas. Maybe they should tell that to their fellow Muslims who keep appearing in court up and down the length of Britain for grooming and child prostitution on white schoolgirls. 

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