Egyptian Pervert Jailed For Touching Up Students On The Bus

Egyptian pervert  Sherif Elsayed has been sentenced to a year in prison for touching up students on the bus. Another Muslim mature student guilty of committing horrendous crimes. He has to go on the sex offenders registrar on release from jail. Unfortunately no mention of a 1 way ticket back to Egypt for him also.  Can somebody who attends Uni really be that stupid to think he wouldnt get caught repeatedly touching up young women everytime you get on  the bus. Then again he is from a Muslim nation i guess

Student buses pervert jailed

Egyptian pervert  Sherif Elsayed has been sentenced to a year in prison for touching up students on the bus. Another Muslim mature student guilty of committing horrendous crimes. He has to go on the sex offenders registrar on release from jail. Unfortunately no mention of a 1 way ticket back to Egypt for him also.  Jailed: Sherif Elsayed

Published on Friday 1 February 2013 19:37

A pervert who groped seven students on buses near their university has been jailed for a year.

Sherif Elsayed, 32, sexually assaulted the young women as they made their way to a Lancaster University campus on public transport.

Police issued witness appeals in relation to two of the attacks and were then contacted by five other women who had been groped by the Egyptian national.

A friend of Elsayed’s brought him to a police station after recognising his face on CCTV footage issued in a press appeal.

Dad-of-one Elsayed, of Cheyney Road, Chester, initially denied the attacks but pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault ahead of a scheduled trial at Preston Crown Court this month.

At the time of the assaults, Elsayed was living at the university’s Bailrigg Campus with his student wife. He was studying engineering at Chester University and carried out the attacks on the buses while travelling home from classes in the early evenings, in late 2011.

Det Con Brian Shepherd of Lancaster CID, who investigated the cases, said Elsayed would sit beside the women on the bus, even when other seats were empty, push himself against them and then touch them as they got up to leave.

He said: “The victims were all young female students aged from 18 to their early 20s.

“As Elsayed grew in confidence, the crimes became more serious.

“A couple of the young women were left quite traumatised by it and the fact it should happen on public transport when they were just making their way home. Some got off a couple of stops early to carry on walking in the dark because they feared for their safety.

“I am pleased with the result at court and would like to pay tribute to the women for coming forward and assisting us, along with Stagecoach and the university.”

Elsayed must also sign the sex offenders’ register on his release.

One thought on “Egyptian Pervert Jailed For Touching Up Students On The Bus”

  1. A Tory MP has been criticised for saying that women were increasing their risk of being raped by wearing tight, short skirts and getting ‘blind drunk’ on nights out. Richard Graham said that while what a woman wore did not necessarily attract sexual predators, it could make it harder for them to get away from an attacker. Mr Graham said women were increasing their risk of being raped by wearing tight, short skirts. If a woman wears a short skirt and high heels and has a few too many drinks, then she is asking to be raped. It beggars belief. These ‘human’ beings who rape women do not care if you are wearing a short skirt or a big baggy sack, all they want to do is rape someone, anyone for that matter. Women can not rely on the chivalry of men, they have to take responsibility for the way they conduct themselves in public. To get drunk and stagger around the town centre half naked on a Saturday night is not empowerment. Any one who keeps letting women off the hook for everything that happens does a disservice to women. We have to take responsibility for our lives.

    Waving a piece of meat in front of a feral dog increases the risk of being bitten. Wearing suggestive clothing may provoke a human “feral dog” to attack. Why is it politically incorrect to simply state the obvious? Rapists will always be rapists. But if a girl lies intoxicated on a park bench wearing revealing clothing, it does make it easier for a disgusting rapist to choose his victim. It is not that long ago when women were trying to be accepted and loved for their minds maybe more than for their bodies. In todays world all that seems to have disappeared amid a miasma of loose morals, indiscipline, raunchiness both in dress and behaviour, bawdiness and cheap sex. It is a shame that the art of being alluring and oozing subtle sexiness with chic has gone. Now it is full in the face.No female should be on their own in the middle of a park at night, drunk or not!!! wearing such clothing will make it considerably harder to escape an attacker. These ‘Rape Crisis’ organisations should be offering similar advice if they seriously care about rape and helping girls avoid becoming victims of it, the same way the police will advise you to secure your homes properly to prevent burglary.It is not a secret that the way one dresses has an impact on how they are perceived by others. The harsh truth is there are nutters out there. If they go out with the intent of rape then they will pick the most drunk provocatively dressed, as they are the easiest pray. Its not nice but it’s real life. The main problem is the drink not the clothes. Yes some May say it’s their right to dress how they please, but nutters do not recognise this right. It’s not a perfect world out there. What sort of message are people who dress like this sending out? They must know what a lot of men are like.

    NOBODY asks to be raped. Most rape victims know their attackers and it doesn’t just occur when a woman is dressed in what society deems a “provocative manner”. We need to get out of this culture of victim shaming and start education and harsh punishments for attackers. A male or female (I believe both sexes can be victims of assault and harassment of a sexual nature) should be able to dress how they want without somebody attacking or assaulting them only to be made to feel worse by people who claim they “had it coming”.

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