30 Men From Bradford Have Been Arrested in Last 2 Months For Child Grooming Says MP

After the disgraceful scandals recently in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the authorities failed to stamp out the serious problem with Muslim grooming gangs targeting white schoolgirls for fear of being branded racist.The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee,  has started an inquiry into child grooming and sexual exploitation.

Kris Hopkins, the Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley was 1 of the MP’s to address them. In the past Mr Hopkins has been 1 of the few people with the balls to stand up and speak about this being a big problem in the Muslim community. Last year he caused a bit of controversy in parliament when he claimed gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encouraged brutal sexism against all women. Naturally he upset the very sensitive Muslims of Britain which isnt very hard to do as they  cant handle any kind of criticism even when it the truth like he said.

During his speech to the inquiry he stated that the days police fail to act because of political correctness are gone and that 30 people  have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming,

Yes it might say police are no longer scared now to arrest  Muslims for their evil crimes in fear of being branded racist. But what it does show is that its still all being handled in a hush hush kind of way. Keep it quiet and out of the press like they did with the Rochdale case at 1st.  Keep community relations with Muslims from being damaged. Keep the patriot groups who have been highlighting these Muslim sex crimes in the dark. The less those who campaign against Islam know the better because  that will mean no EDL or whoever protesting over it. No Muslims will have to put up with hearing infidels criticise or blame their Islamic brethren and its 1 thing less for them to cry about. The Muslim community can continue pretending its not a problem. All in the name of community cohesion.

I dont know about anybody else but i personally think 30 arrested in 2 months is not big news its massive news and should be on the front page of every paper. You only have to say boo to a Muslim and make them jump its all over the press with the poor muzzie playing the victim. I mean a look on BBC News main page and you see the headline = Family quits Bingham after anti-Muslim attacks . For all the possible news worthy things out the whole of England that are not included  yet this story is, you might assume the KKK have turned up at their front door burning crosses wanting to lynch them or something equally disturbing.

Nope nothing remotely as serious. A 13 year old boy painted racist graffiti on their path and called them names. Now their that scared they are moving out. I wouldnt mind but it not even just happened.In December  the same story was in the headlines then. Now because they want to move it makes national news again even if it is the BBC who are known Muslim appeasers

House of Commons inquiry hears from MP Kris Hopkins

Thirty arrested in child sex grooming inquiryThirty arrested in child sex grooming inquiry

Thirty people have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming, an inquiry by MPs was told yesterday.

Kris Hopkins, the Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley, said the crackdown – revealed to him, by the police – showed the days when alleged “political correctness” made the authorities reluctant to act were gone.

Arguing it was impossible to say whether child grooming was increasing, or on the decline, he told the inquiry: “It’s highlighted now – people have the confidence to come forward and the police are pursuing people.

“Across the Bradford district, at this moment in time, 30 people have been arrested in the last two months and there are ongoing cases.”

“I’ve no doubt at all that the police – certainly the police who work in my area – know what’s expected by the law and by politicians as well.”

Praising Chief Superintendent Angela Williams, commander of the Airedale and North Bradford division, Mr Hopkins said: “There’s no political correctness. Leaders in the district want those perpetrators of this vile activity brought to justice.”

The MP was speaking to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which has started an inquiry into child grooming, after scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham.

In November, Mr Hopkins triggered a furious row when he claimed gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encouraged brutal sexism against all women.

Yesterday, the MP urged the Pakistani community to “come to terms” with the problem, telling the committee that Pakistani women were the key.

Mr Hopkins said he had met Home Secretary Theresa May – and would soon meet Communities Secretary Eric Pickles – adding: “I want to get women empowered in that community. Young leaders, to really become the voice in that community, and really challenge the behaviour of men.”

The inquiry also heard from Ann Cryer, the former Keighley and Ilkley Labour MP, who spoke out against sex abuse by a minority of Pakistani men in Keighley a decade ago – a campaign which resulted in her being branded a racist. Yesterday, Mrs Cryer noted the lack of action, back in 2002, by police and council social services, saying: “It seemed they were terrified about being called racist.”

The former MP said she had “mixed emotions” about discussing the issue so many years later, telling MPs: “I am pleased that people recognise that what I was saying was right. But I’m very upset that – after 12 years, or 11 years – we are still getting these cases.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman later confirmed the figure given by Mr Hopkins of 30 arrests in the Bradford area was correct. He said they were as a result of a number of different investigations, but declined to comment on the nature of the investigations. He said all 30 people had been released on police bail and that no charges had yet been brought against any of them.

Last night, Councillor Ralph Berry, executive member for children’s services at Bradford Council, said tackling sexual grooming was a top priority and there was a ‘very effective operation’ going on.

He said: “I’m fully behind the partnership between Bradford Social Services, the police and Barnardo’s in working to tackle any sexual grooming by anyone on anyone.”

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