Thames Valley Police Arrest 4 For Child Exploitation. More Paedostani’s ????

Whats the odds that the 4 nonces police  have arrested in High Wycombe are followers of  ‘the religion of peace’ ?  I’d say bookies wouldn’t even take a bet its that much of a dead cert. The arrests were as part of  Operation Ribbon, the same child exploitation investigation that resulted in the arrest of 8 Muslims a couple of months ago for deviant sex crimes. With police stating that there will be more victims out there who they hope will now come forward. There may be more Islamo-nonce arrests in the near future. At this rate the government best start making plans to build a new prison to hold all the Muslim nonces there’s been that many of them lately (See Muslim grooming/ paedo map)


High Wycombe: Child Exploitation Arrests

29th January 2013, 10:09

Police badge

Four men have been arrested in High Wycombe on suspicion of sexually abusing a girl.

Officers investigating child exploitation made the arrests this morning (29/1).

The men, aged 19, 20, 21 and 22, are alleged to have committed “various sexual offences” against the girl and are currently in police custody.

Area commander Superintendent Gilbert Houalla said: “Today’s arrests are a continuation of Operation Ribbon, which is an investigation that began last year into child sexual exploitation.

“I would like to assure you that the police in the Wycombe district will always protect the vulnerable and challenge any offenders without fear or favour, none of which could be done without the support of our community.”

Thames Valley Police said they believe it is likely there are more victims who have not spoken to officers, and encouraged them to come forward by calling 01296 396396.

A spokesman said officers work closely with Buckinghamshire County Council’s child protection team, and deal with each case with respect and confidentiality.

Anyone worried about somebody who may be a victim of child exploitation can call the ChildLine charity on 0800 1111 or visit its website,, the force said.

People can also call Buckinghamshire County Council’s First Response Team on 0845 4600 001 if they have any concerns around child sexual exploitation.

Eight people were charged last year in connection with the case.

2 thoughts on “Thames Valley Police Arrest 4 For Child Exploitation. More Paedostani’s ????”

  1. I reckon that in East London it will be Newham that will be the next to feature on your map of shame. It has the same demographic as other areas afflicted by this problem and the local Labour council there is very pro-Islam. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was an Islamononce scandal there, that may have been covered up. There is a horrendous level of collusion between Islamic groups, councillors and MP’s in Newham. One of the local MP’s Stephen Timms, has connections with Al Muntada, an Islamic group that has hosted hate preachers at a mosque it controls, and even spoke at one of their celebratory dinners.

    Sadly, Labour now seems to prefer jihadists to the ordinary man in the street and should be shunned by all. See

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