Video: UAF/SWP’s Martin “Sex-Case” Smith Takes A Deserved Holiday In Greece

While the majority of us hard working law abiding Brits have spent the last few weeks having to put up with the near Arctic conditions. Struggling about our daily business in the snow and cold. Well one lucky person who didnt have to suffer that was the UAF’s Martin “Sex-Case” Smith who was enjoying a well deserved break in the warmer climate of Greece funded 1 way or another by paying members of  Britain’s trade unions who fund the Socialist Workers Party front group.

 Martin Smith is making the most of his freedom which by rights he shouldn’t have.  He should be under the care of HMP in the nonce wing with the Rochdale grooming gang  as neighbours who the UAF defended. Smith is of course the infamous SWP leading member ‘Comrade Delta’ who was accused of raping a female SWP commie. His left wing extremist friends at the SWP like the Muslims their quick to defend don’t believe in one law for all and decided to hold their own sexist sharia court to  find Smith not guilty and cover the event up.Obviously they know better of these things than the police and the British justice system.Its unclear what has happened to the victim or if she was sentenced to 100 lashes by the kangaroo court in true sharia style.

In true UAF style Smith is in the video in Greece going on about the EDL and BNP being the scum of the earth, like the Greek commies even know who they were. Listening to him go on about multiculturalism and smashing the fascists you would think he was whiter than whiter on some kind of morale high ground. Even fellow commies have got the type of person he is sussed out, to quote 1 communist member:

   “it is undeniable that he is a bully and a thug. It was Smith, for example, who hounded comrade Simon Wells out of the SWP – and later wrestled him to the ground at the SWP’s Marxism festival to confiscate his ticket. It was Smith whose phone calls were dreaded by SWP organisers, and resembled the hectoring of the worst kind of shop-floor manager “

The man has a the bare faced cheek to get on a stage calling people scum, when there’s no more filth than a rapist 

One thought on “Video: UAF/SWP’s Martin “Sex-Case” Smith Takes A Deserved Holiday In Greece”

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The UAF has a lot of potential sex offenders. How long before they adopt the habits of their Muslim friends and start capturing women so that Leftist women can retain their “honor”?

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