Brits Told To Leave Muslim Hellhole Somalia ASAP Due To Jihadist Threat

Britain’s in the Islamic hole known as Somalia have been told to get out asap due to a possible threat from Muslim jihadists there. Why any Brit would even be there in the first place i have no idea. Those who are must have some kind of death wish. Anybody who has seen the film ‘Black Hawk Down’ will have an idea about the state of the lawless nation and the uncivilized  blood thirsty Islamic natives

Brits urged to get out of Somalia due to ‘specific threat’

al-Shabab fighters during military exercises in Somalia.

Threat … Brits urged to leave Somalia
Published: 45 minutes ago

BRITONS have been told to leave Somalia immediately because of a “specific threat” to westerners, the Foreign Office has said.

No details about the threat have been given, other than it affects the Somaliland region.

A statement said: “We are now aware of a specific threat to Westerners in Somaliland, and urge any British nationals who remain there against our advice to leave immediately.

“As our travel advice continues to make clear, kidnapping for financial or political gain, motivated by criminality or terrorism, remains a threat throughout Somalia.”

It follows a similar warning last week urging British nationals to clear out of the Libyan city of Benghazi in response to an “imminent” threat.

The terror threat in Africa was thrust into the spotlight by the Algerian gas field hostage crisis which is believed to have claimed the lives of six Britons and one UK resident.

French military action in Mali, which has received British logistical support, has raised the threat of retaliatory strikes on Westerners.

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