2 More Of “Muslim Patrol” Bullies Arrested For Trying To Enforce Sharia On British Streets

The  Met Police have arrested another 2 Muslim bullying thugs connected to the now infamous ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos that incensed the nation. The 1st clip showed racist Muslim thugs targeting white non Muslims in London and harassing and intimidating them as if they were some kind of religious police enforcing sharia. The 2nd clip followed similar lines but this time their target was on the receiving end of homophobic abuse. 

The Islamic scumbags for these hate crimes are nothing more than your average bully. Targeting those that are most vulnerable and unable to stand up to their abuse at the time. Couples ,women and blokes on their own just minding their own business.  You can bet your life on it that the Muslim cowards wouldn’t of been so cocky had it been say 4 or 5 West Ham / Millwall fans walking past the mosque with a can of beer in their hand. 

kafir crusaders no to sharia uk. Muslim extremists have been patrolling the streets in london trying to enforce sharia law

Racist Muslim Patrol target couples,women and man walking alone.

Homophobic Muslim Patrol target man for looking gay

muslim bullys harass and abuse the easy targets. islamic cowards

More arrests in Muslim gang probe

6:39pm Thursday 24th January 2013 in National News© Press Association 2013

Three people have been held amid a probe into an alleged self-styled 'Muslim vigilante' gangThree people have been held amid a probe into an alleged self-styled ‘Muslim vigilante’ gang

Detectives investigating a self-styled Muslim patrol gang made two more arrests, Scotland Yard said.

Men aged 25 and 29 are in custody, bringing the number held so far in the investigation to four, a spokesman said.

Officers are investigating a string of incidents in east London over the weekend of January 12 and 13 where the group harassed members of the public.

A video posted on YouTube showed the gang hurling homophobic abuse at one man, whom the police have urged to come forward.

In the film, titled “Muslim vigilantes in London harass and taunt gay male”, they are heard to shout “get out of here you fag… don’t stay around here any more”.

In a second video, also posted online, men from the gang in Whitechapel tell another man “no drink in this area, it’s a Muslim area” before ordering him to pour away his alcohol.

Detective chief inspector Wendy Morgan from Tower Hamlets borough said: “The Met takes such homophobic behaviour very seriously.

“This man is a crucial witness in the investigation and we would encourage him and anyone else with information relating to this incident to make contact in confidence as soon as possible.”

Additional police patrols are being mounted across east London to reassure the public.

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Acton, west London on Sunday, and a 19-year-old man was held after going to an east London police station on Monday. They have been bailed to return to police on March 12 and March 11 respectively.

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