Video: New ‘Muslim Patrol’ Video – Targeting Homosexuals In London

A new video has emerged of  ”The Muslim Patrol’ who enraged the nation last week when they was racially targeting non Muslims in London. Now their abusing a white man whom they suspect is gay because of his looks. Amazing how the police aren’t all over these definite ‘racist hate crimes’  being carried out by this bigoted Muslim Patrol. If it had been the other way around with Muslim being the victims the police would be going out of their way to make arrests and charge with hate crimes. The so called ‘anti-fascists’ would also be making a big noise about it, instead of silence. As in their eyes Muslims can only be the victims and white people the racists.

9 thoughts on “Video: New ‘Muslim Patrol’ Video – Targeting Homosexuals In London”

  1. The number of gay pubs in East London, traditionally an area that was tolerant towards gay people has fallen since Islam has established itself there. It is so ironic that there are diversity officers working for councils who promote Islam even though Islam is an enemy of diversity of faith, diversity of thought, and diversity of sexuality.

    1. Islam is an enemy of anything not Islamic. In public they claim to be against gays but in private they are well known for it. Such as the dancing boys in Afghanistan or the truck drivers in Pakistan young helpers. Another Muslim hypocrisy as their not counted as men until they have a beard

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