Oxford Paedostani Sex Gang Forced Victims To Smoke Crack Cocaine And Injected With Heroin

The trial of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has been under way since the beginning of the at the Old Bailey Courts in London. Expected to last until April, already some very disturbing details have emerged about the levels of abuse which indicate this Islamic sex gang could be a lot more evil and the abuse dished out more horrific than that of their fellow Islamo-nonces from the Rochdale grooming gang who were jailed last year. 

The victims here it would seem were certainly younger than those in Rochdale. Some of the schoolgirls they targeted were 11 years old, that’s barely out of primary school making their perverted crimes even more horrendous. No excuses of i thought they was 18 for this bunch of nonces. This is just out and out paedophilia which absolutely nothing on this world can justify. Although im quite sure a few Muslim apologists will try such as regular  blog commentator Ifiktar Ahmed who will no doubt put it down to the lack of Muslim only schools like he does with everything else.(*tip I.A. don’t bother cutting and pasting your usual apologist drivel on this post because it will be deleted*)

First impressions suggest the Muslim oxygen thieves on trial are out and out monsters. What sort of horrible excuse for a human being injects an 11 year old school girl with heroin or forces them to smoke so much crack cocaine the victim couldn’t breathe and had to be taken to hospital. These aren’t a bottle of cider or a spliff which are bad enough to give a child. Heroin and Crack and the 2 nastiest drugs out there are highly addictive. The Muslim paedophiles knew exactly what they was doing by giving them the girls. Hoping they would get addicted and even more under their control.

Unfortunately similar to the Muslim sex ring from Rochdale and the recent Rotherham Muslim paedophile scandal. It would appear these vulnerable British schoolgirls have been badly failed by the authorities who are meant to be protecting them. In November 2006 1 of the children came onto the police radar when a neighbour overheard an argument and phoned 999. They found the girl crying and told police she had been held against her will, raped, repeatedly smacked in the face and injected with some drug. Nobody faced justice for this because the girl was persuaded to drop the complaint.

Lets get it right you don’t have to be brains of Britain to realise that with allegations as serious as that and medical evidence that concurs the victims claim, that it would be very unwise and incompetent to just drop the issue when a 14 year old child says she wants to drop the charges and leave it at that. Especially when it wasn’t the victim who  contacted the police but a caring neighbour who was worried for her welfare. Finding her distressed in a house full of paedostani males old enough to be her father. What more warnings signs do they need before alarm bells start ringing!!!!

*See Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim paedo and grooming  gang map to see the shocking scale of the problem*

Overseeing justice: the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, in London . The trial of 9 muslim paedophiles from oxford who groomed raped and pimped out white schoolgirls as young as 11 and 12

Oxford child sex ring trial: 14-year-old girl ‘talked out of rape complaint’ by friend who was ‘seeing’ her attacker

Nine men deny 51 counts, including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution of girls between 11 and 15



A 14-year-old girl who was beaten up and repeatedly raped by a man accused of being involved in a child prostitution ring was persuaded to drop her complaint to police, a court heard today.

Bassam Karrar, 32, allegedly abused the girl while he was high on cocaine in a house in Oxford when she refused to have sex with him, the Old Bailey heard.

The youngster, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reported Karrar to police but was persuaded to withdraw her complaint by a girl who was “seeing” the defendant at the time, jurors were told.

Karrar is one of nine men from the Oxford area who deny 51 counts, including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution involving six girls aged between 11 and 15 between 2004 and last year.

The accused include two sets of brothers, Karrar and Mohammed Karrar, 38, and Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 30.

The others are Kamar Jamil, 27, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, Bilal Ahmed, 26, and Mohammed Hussain, 24.

The court heard police were called to an incident in November 2006 following reports of a girl being attacked.

A neighbour had overheard a row and called police, who found the girl in the basement “extremely distressed, crying and shaking”, prosecutor Noel Lucas QC said.

The youngster had told Karrar she was pregnant in a bid to stop the violence but this only incensed him further and he began shouting verbal abuse, he added.

The girl told police she had been held against her will, raped and repeatedly smacked in the face.

She also claimed her head had been held under a shower and that she had been injected with a drug, the court heard.

The girl was taken to a police station – where photographs were taken of her injuries – but she later dropped her complaint.

Jurors heard that a second girl aged 14 also spoke to police after she was found in a property with two of the defendants.

In August 2006, officers were called to a flat in Oxford where they discovered the teenager with an Asian man.

Anjum Dogar then arrived at the flat with a can of lager before Akhtar Dogar turned up with a “large bundle of money” and a condom, the court heard.

The girl later admitted to police to having sex with at least two of the men and said she had run away from a children’s home, Mr Lucas said.

The trial has already heard that a third girl spoke to police about alleged abuse by the men in 2006.

In February that year, she reported to police that she had been held against her will by two Asian men.

She claimed they had forced her to snort cocaine and left her in an unconscious state, the court has previously heard.

Then, in September 2006, the girl told police she had had sex with one of the defendants – Akhtar Dogar – and another man in a park in exchange for drugs.

The girl was examined by a doctor, who found injuries consistent with “forceful oral sex”, the court heard.

Dogar was interviewed by police about the allegation on September 13 2006 but denied rape, suggesting the girl had mistaken him for another Asian male, Mr Lucas said.

A fourth girl was forced into an illegal abortion when she fell pregnant after being raped, the court heard.

Mohammed Karrar is accused of raping the youngster when she was 12 and procuring a miscarriage with the unlawful use of an instrument.

The girl, who acted as a carer for her deaf parents, was allegedly abused by Karrar and his brother Bassam between the ages of 11 and 15.

She claimed she had been “sold” to Karrar by an unnamed man to “cure her bad attitude”, Mr Lucas said.

The defendant would buy her gifts such as perfume as well as ecstasy and cocaine at a time the girl called a “nicey-nicey honeymoon period”, the court heard.

She was first raped by Karrar at around the time of her 12th birthday, the prosecutor said.

After she fell pregnant, she was taken to a house in Reading for an abortion to be carried out, jurors were told.

The girl described the Karrar brothers as “the sick sex monsters”, the court heard.

Jurors were told that Mohammed had branded her with a hair pin which he had heated up and bent into a “M” shape.

“He regarded her as his property,” Mr Lucas said.

“He showed her no regard, he felt entitled to have sex with her when he wanted and in whatever manner he wanted.”

Karrar allegedly raped the girl in the living room of her house, knowing her father was deaf, and invited other men over to have sex with her.

In October 2007, the girl told a social worker she was receiving calls from the Karrar brothers.

When he answered one of the calls, a man demanded to speak to the girl and began threatening the social worker when he refused.

In January 2008, she had a meeting with a police officer and welfare officer at her school, where she told them she had been raped by a man called “Mo”.

The court heard the girl fled Karrar in 2008, taking £9,000 in cash from him.

But, in 2011, after splitting from her boyfriend, she visited the defendant at his flat in Oxford, where he raped her, jurors were told.


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  1. If this report is proven to be true these pieces of Mohammedans shit should be locked in a set of stocks in the middle of Oxford with an account of their egregious behaviour before being chucked in a high security prison for the next 25 years.
    They should also be given no other food option other than pork and bacon.

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