Video: Muslims Patrol British Streets Trying To Enforce Sharia Law

This is the great Labour dream of multiculturalism for you. Muslims patrolling British streets trying to enforce sharia law on non Muslims. The Islamofascists can be heard quite clearly claiming  “this is a Muslim area no alcohol permitted”. They repeat this to a white male with a can of beer in his hand, which they take off him and pour away. The Islamists also tell a white male and female to “move away from near the mosque, this is a Muslim area”

My blood is seriously boiling after watching this. Who the fu*k do these Muslims think they are trying to enforce their backwards and outdated religious views on British infidels. Who cares if its a Muslim area, that Muslim area happens to be in Britain not Saudi Arabia where we have British Law. 

Its time to wake up people and take our streets back from these demanding and intolerant totalitarian loving Islamo-fascists before its to late. By non violent means obviously, were better than lowering ourselves to Muslim tactics.

8 thoughts on “Video: Muslims Patrol British Streets Trying To Enforce Sharia Law”

  1. YouTube have removed the video. The usual weasel-worded excuse. “…removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

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