Oxford Muslim Sex Gang Subjected Schoolgirls To Depravity And Perversion, Old Bailey Jurors Told

The court trial of the latest bunch of Muslim sexual deviants has begun at the Old Bailey. Nine Muslims from Oxford are in the dock for the sexual abuse over an 8 year period of 6 under age girls, the youngest of whom was 12 at the time of the abuse. In total there were 51 charges against the Muslim sex gang which took the court clerk over half an hour to read out. The trial of the Islamo-nonces is expected to last until April. It is claimed the vile Muslim paedophiles actively targeted schoolgirls around the age of 11 or 12 whom they then used to satisfy their own sexual perversions and forced into child prostitution and forced to have sex with other Muslim beasts. This one of many Muslim paedophile and grooming gangs exposed recently. See Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim paedo and grooming  gang map to see the shocking scale of the problem

Sex gang accused of ‘exploiting girls’

1:03pm Tuesday 15th January 2013 in News

Young girls were sexually exploited by a group of men who subjected them to depravity and perversion, a court heard today.

Six girls were used by men, including nine defendants from the Oxford area, the Old Bailey jurors were told.

One victim was only 12 when she was forced into prostitution.

The court clerk was allowed to sit as he took half an hour to read the charges.

Norman Lucas QC, prosecuting, said: “This case involves the sexual exploitation of children – young girls – by groups of men in the Oxford area.”

The men deny the 51 counts, including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution between 2004 and last year.

The accused include two sets of brothers, Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 30, and Bassam Karrar, 32, and Mohammed Karrar, 38.

The others are Kamar Jamil, 27, Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, Bilal Ahmed, 26, and Mohammed Hussain, 24.

The trial is expected to last until April. The defendants are all in custody.

Mr Lucas added: “The defendants, and others not before the court, used and abused the six complainants persistently over long periods of time, sometimes in groups, for their own sexual gratification and the sexual gratification of others.

He told the jurors that the details of the case would make them uncomfortable.

Mr Lucas said the men “actively targeted vulnerable young girls from the ages of 11 or 12”.

Sometimes the abusers would come across them while they were playing truant or out drinking.

Mr Lucas added: “There is evidence that the men deliberately targeted children who were out of control.

“They also targeted children who had been sent to live in care homes for precisely that reason. Some of the girls had been sexually exploited by other men, before they encountered these defendants.

“Some girls already being abused by the group were tasked to find other girls for the group.”

He said the girls were chosen because they had troubled upbringings which made it less likely that anyone would have parental control over them or be looking for them.

“The girls were then groomed in a variety of ways such as being given gifts or simply by being shown the care and attention they craved,” said Mr Lucas.

“The attention lavished on the girls at the outset was entirely insincere. It was merely a device to exploit their vulnerability.

“Having secured their confidence the men would ply the girls with alcohol and introduce them to drugs such as cannabis, crack and sometimes heroin.”

The youngsters would become addicted to the drugs and this made them even more dependent on the men who exercised extreme physical and sexual violence on them.


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10 thoughts on “Oxford Muslim Sex Gang Subjected Schoolgirls To Depravity And Perversion, Old Bailey Jurors Told”

  1. No one including Social Workers and parents have legal permission to physically restrain teenagers. That is why kids in care wander about. They are not in secure units. Only kids waving knives or threatening suicide can be “restrained” by the police. Those girls should have been kept in schools for longer days and then collected by parents ,or sent to boarding schools to be kept safe. They were out on the streets. No one could stop them falling into the clutches of people no one could challenge because “their community” might have rioted in their defence.We have just had riots over the “defence” of another criminal from a different group.

    There needs to be a lot more education for young girls about the dangers facing them as they get older. What young teen wouldn’t be flattered by attention from boys in flash cars who gave them gifts. They don’t see it as sinister until its too late. Girls need to be warned that its not just old men with sweets they need to be wary of anymore. Its a sad situation but as the authorities clearly don’t take it seriously enough we have to protect the kids. Many of those young girls were lured also by the excitement of the sexual aspect. These ‘sweet young victims’ are often eager to participate. The knowledge of the awareness of young girls is abysmally dead among the English. How do I know? When I was young, ten to fourteen years old, the sexual predators were the girls, not the boys, and older men were the trophies of these sweeties. Most came from good middle class families, not care homes where vulnerability is of the essence. The latter girls would be more inclined to indulge in practices away from the boring and depressing reality of ‘care’. Is there any intelligence left in England? Or has it all been swamped by ”political correctness’ and feminism?

    Sorry you make it sound like these girls are puppies or dolls. Like you can just pick them up and do whatever and they have no say. Why weren’t they kicking and screaming? From not taking any care or responsibility we are now going to the other extreme. The authorities failed that is true but why oh why oh why were these girls going with these awful men? Because they got attention? Booze? Fags?? Come on, not all the girls are victims, if you observe some of the girls around the towns now you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I was going home yesterday when I observed 3 schoolgirls at a bus stop, short skirts, orange tans, caked with make up and all smoking. It was a disgusting site, I could see a few passengers queing up cringing at the site.

    Why is it when Asians are involved in crime the media always mentions the race and religion. Wasn’t there a gang of mostly native christian men who abused girls as young as ten and a native christian teacher ran away with his 15 year old student. Why didn’t the headline read ‘ GANG OF NATIVE CHRISTIAN MEN ABUSING GIRLS’ and ‘NATIVE CHRISTAN TEACHER RUNS AWAY WITH STUDENT.
    Why has DM called it a Muslim Sex gang??!! Islam sets strong penalties such as death for those who rape! what these 9 sicks brats have done is absolutely detestable and I (as a Muslim) hope they never come out of jail again. in fact, if they do, I hope someone gives them a good beating for tarnishing our community!

  2. Mr Ahmed, the defendants were described as a Muslim Sex Gang, because they are all Muslim and are accused of being in a sex gang. It’s quite logical. If you don’t like how your co-religionists are described then maybe they should not act like nonces as often as they do. The defendants in this and similar cases couldn’t have got their inspiration from the words of a 7th Century paedophile could they?

  3. iftikar the girls they target were 11 and 12. they are children ffs they are children in every sense not sexually promiscuous teenagers which even if there was the law and own morales should tell you its a NO NO. In this case not only did these Muslim sex fiends use them to satisfy their own perversions they got them, hooked on drugs and sold the girls to other paedostanis for sex. Your constant twisting of the truth and trying to blame the victims is really starting to piss me off now.Maybe thats your intention i dont know. either way it doesn’t say much for you or ur fellow Muslims values by keep doing so

  4. Put them in general prison population and they will know how it feels to be powerless, exploited and tortured at the hands of tough men with children of their own. I’d pay to see that…Scum.

  5. Mr Ahmad
    You are so pathetic.Islam sets strong penalties such as death for those who rape??? You treat ppl as they were ignorant? Death penalty for a rape? Probably for woman.. so stop saying bullshits. Btw , since we have muslims in Europe our statistics are tragic, more sexual crimes commited by…muslims!! Almost in every european country. SO give a break man and maybe ask urself, why the hell you are so obsessed with 2 things- Quran and sex.
    Muslims in Europe should be treated the same way as christians are treated in many muslim countries. No mercy.
    Greetings from Poland, the country that will never let muslims to spread their sick ideology.

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