Socialist Workers’ Party(UAF) held ‘sharia-style court’ after UAF’s Martin Smith accused of rape

Thank God that we dont live in a civilization under the communist SWP’s totalitarian rule It seems the far left extremists from Socialist Workers Party and its front group the UAF have been learning a thing or two from their Muslim allies and certainly have much common ground regarding the sexist treatment of women. The SWP/UAF will claim that speaking the truth about the evil of Islam automatically makes you a Nazi ready to commit atrocities even if what is being said is actually correct. So you might pressume their stance on sex crimes would lead to a violent end of the perpetrators life minimum. 

Well actually no far from it. To these commies sex crimes are far lower down the scale of seriousness that dare i say it upsetting a Muslim. That low that when a female commie made rape allegations against prominent SWP member and UAF leader Martin Smith. Rather than advise the woman to go to the Police and report it. They insisted on holding their own  sharia style kangaroo court.In doing so not only did they deny the woman of proper counselling and a fair hearing in court. They also made her feel uneasy as the members cross examined her evidence. The commie self appointed judge and jury ruled by the slightest of margins 213 – 209 in favour of comrade Smith who had several SWP/UAF bigwigs on side. If almost half of his comrades thinking he was guilty, i bet if there was a proper law trial with judge and jury it wouldn’t be so favourable for him.

The SWP , UAF have some serious answering to do.  Likewise unions such as the national union of teachers(nut),  National Union of Journalists,PCS,Unite,Unison and many more with links to the UAF need to re evaluate their ties with Unite Against Fascism. Do the paid up members of these unions really want their subs going to a group who coverup rape and paying a rapist a decent salary when he should be in prison

uaf, swp leader thug martin smith group attacks a white male alongside his muslim allies. look at the hate in smiths face, thats how it would of been when he raped a female comrade anti british traitor martin smith was comrade delta who was accused of rape but cleared by a kangaroo sharia style court

Socialist Workers’ Party held ‘sharia-style court’ to exonerate party member accused of raping female ‘comrade’

  • SWP exonerated man accused of sexually assaulting female party member
  • Party ‘does not have faith in bourgeois court system to deliver justice’
  • Accusation was heard by ‘disputes committee’ and not reported to police


PUBLISHED: 12:01, 12 January 2013 | UPDATED: 12:03, 12 January 2013


The Socialist Workers’ Party ‘set up a court’ where they investigated an accusation from one of their members that another member had raped them.

The far-left party heard that instead of reporting the grave accusation to police, a disputes committee heard ‘evidence’ from both the accused and the accuser, before a panel exonerated the man – known as ‘Comrade Delta’ – for the alleged rape.

The minutes of the meeting have been revealed after furious members of the Party leaked details to a Labour Party member blogger, who posted the full account online.

The Socialist Worker Party held their own committee meeting to discuss the grave allegations. communist rape cover upThe Socialist Worker Party held their own committee meeting to discuss the grave allegations

Party members exonerated Comrade Delta, who had been accused of raping a female 'comrade'Party members exonerated Comrade Delta, who had been accused of raping a female ‘comrade’

Revealing details show that one member said the ‘party had no faith in the bourgeois court system to deliver justice’, the Independent reported, and the party held its own investigation.

The proceeding bears similarities to Sharia courts, which traditionally do not rely on lawyers; plaintiffs and defendants represent themselves, there no pre-trial discovery process, and there is meant to be no cross-examination of witnesses.

Andy Newman, who runs the Socialist Unity blog which published the meeting’s minutes, likened the proceedings to a ‘sharia-style court’, the newspaper reported.

Minutes show that the party’s dispute committee – which hands out disciplinary action if it deems it appropriate – clear Comrade Delta after hearing evidence from him and his alleged victim, a female member only identified as ‘W’.

The unnamed member claimed she was assaulted over a six-month period between 2008, and 2009, but did not want to go to the police – preferring the party to deal with her complaint.

But six of the seven members of the panel found in favour of Comrade Delta, the Independent reported, and cleared him of her accusations.

However, when the committee’s findings were shared with the party at a December conference, many members were clearly unhappy with the results.

extremists from the socialist workers party gag freedom of speach One member reportedly said that the Socialist Workers' Party did not have faith in the court system to bring justiceOne member reportedly said that the Socialist Workers’ Party did not have faith in the court system to bring justice

The panel’s decision was only narrowly accepted by 213 votes to 209 in a vote.

One of the dispute committee’s members told the conference: ‘We’re not a law court.

‘We are here to protect the interests of the party, and to make sure that any inappropriate behaviour of any kind by comrades is dealt with, and we do that according to the politics of a revolutionary party.’

The member claimed the panel had tried to support the complainant because: ‘We know how the courts and the police make women, you know, try to blame women, how few rapes are reported and how few of them are successfully prosecuted.’

The woman was allegedly not allowed to attend the meeting where the details were announced to the party.

But one of her friends spoke on her behalf to the party.

The woman said: ‘The complainant is this case frequently asked to come to this session, so she could be aware of what’s being said about her, because it is her case after all.

‘She was prepared to speak out so that people could hear about her experiences and learn from what’s happened here, so that it wouldn’t happen again. But she was denied that right by the CC.’

The friend said that the complainant was unhappy with how her accusation had been handled.

She said: ‘She thought that if she put a complaint to the party that it would be dealt with in line with the party’s politics and our proud tradition on women’s liberation. Sadly her experience was quite the opposite.

‘She feels that she was questioned in quite a reactionary way, and was made to answer questions on the spot as if she was the one on trial.

‘She felt she was being interrogated and felt they were trying to catch her out in order to make her out to be a liar. ‘She did not accept the line of questioning, saying “they think I’m a s*** who asked for it”.’

After the details were heard, a prominent member of the party – SWP journalist Tim Walker – resigned, the Independent reported.

The Socialist Workers Party were unavailable to comment.

The SWP describes itself as a revolutionary party, committed to socialism, internationalism and against racism, imperialism and oppression.

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7 thoughts on “Socialist Workers’ Party(UAF) held ‘sharia-style court’ after UAF’s Martin Smith accused of rape”

  1. Such a scandal could not happen to a more appropriate organisation. The SWP have criticised those who campaign against Islamic Grooming Gangs whilst harbouring sex pests and alleged rapists within its senior cadre of members.

  2. This is a clear demonstration of a corrupt cult whose society is an exercise in leadership(with supporting tits who are not part of the politburo)
    Strangely Gerry Healy (of the WRP) was a similar aggressive shagger.
    The attempt at suppressing the affair failed and will probably result in the atrophy of these Islam supporting arseholes

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