Paedoistani Muslims Kidnap and Gang Rape 9yo Girl

Those responsible for the vile acts in this story are exactly what is meant by the term “the absolute filth of Islam” . These Muslim savages from Pakistan have no boundaries when it comes to gratifying their sick sexual urges. Kidnapping and gang raping a poor 9 year old child is absolutely the most disgusting crime imaginable. Sex crimes like this are unfortunately a regular occurrence in the backwards Islamic Republic. Hardly surprising with Muslims well known sexual obsession with young girls, sharia law and an incompetent Pakistani police force which in this case have failed to make any arrests despite the victims mother naming 5 of the 7 people involved. Pakistan seems to be  a breeding ground  for barbaric Muslim sex monsters. Unfortunately for the rest of the civilized world they also seem to be Pakistan’s biggest export worldwide. Which ever part of the world they end up sex crimes surge.

Pakistan is a breeding ground for barbaric Muslim sex monsters.who commit the most heinous of rapes and sex crimes

9-year-old Pakistani girl kidnapped and gang-raped

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Published: 05 January, 2013, 19:26
Edited: 06 January, 2013, 08:17

Children, Crime, Pakistan, Violence

An archive photo of  a Pakistani girl. (Reuters / Fayaz Aziz)

An archive photo of a Pakistani girl. (Reuters / Fayaz Aziz)

A nine-year-old Pakistani girl has been taken to the hospital in critical condition after being kidnapped and brutally gang-raped. The girl’s mother has named the abusers, but no arrests were made.

The girl was admitted to a hospital in Bahawalpur after being raped on Wednesday. She remains in critical condition due to loss of blood and internal injuries, the Express Tribune reported, quoting the hospital’s doctors.

Local police have launched a criminal case against seven men for the kidnap and rape; no arrests have been made yet.

The girl’s mother named five of the seven suspects. She reportedly told police that she hesitated to inform law enforcers because the kidnappers threatened to kill her and the girl if the woman spoke to authorities.

Station House Officer Irshad Joyia said they were ordered to arrest the suspects, but later were informed that the men had fled to Alipur village, the Express Tribune said.

According to a First Information Report (FIR) prepared by police, the girl was beaten and then kidnapped by three women and a man in front of her house in Manzoorabad in Rahim Yar Khanby. The kidnappers reportedly took her to another location where she was gang-raped by three men, one of whom was named in the FIR.

The girl was then allegedly taken back to the place from which she was kidnapped. The girl’s mother told police she found her bloodied daughter near their house. She then took the child to Sheikh Zayed Hospital for examination and treatment.

The rape came weeks after a similar shocking case when a six-year-old Hindu girl was allegedly raped in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province at the beginning of December. The child was also reportedly kidnapped and gang-raped. Residents of the province staged several protests in response to the incident.

These two recent cases in Pakistan coincide with a horrifying gang-rape in India that claimed the life of a 23-year-old student raped on a bus by six men, the youngest of whom reportedly was a minor. The six men have all been chargedwith murder, gang-rape, attempted murder, kidnapping and other felonies. They are expected to appear in court on Monday.

The case sparked mass protests in New Delhi. Demonstrators, particularly women, demanded the rapists be punished and called for the creation of new laws to protect Indian women.

The incident has drawn international attention to the high rates of violence against women in India, where rape victims often do not report to the police for fear of shaming their families or being ignored by law enforcement.

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  1. FAKE wait till the day of judgment and you got to hell fire HAVE FUN 😉 convert to the right book and how come when you christans rape people its ok but when muslims do it its all over everthing if we even do in this case we DO NOT

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