Bolton Muslim Man admits Killing his 6 Week Old Son

Another example of good Muslim parenting. This Muslim from Bolton killed his own 6 week old child. Vermin!!

Man admits manslaughter of six-week-old son

4:57pm Monday 7th January 2013 in News

Man admits manslaughter of six-week-old sonMan admits manslaughter of six-week-old son

A man has admitted the manslaughter of his six-week-old son.

Mohammed Ismail Malik died in hospital last January after paramedics were called to his family home in Bolton.

The youngster was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital and later transferred to Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital where he died.

Ahead of his scheduled murder trial, Shakeel Hussain, 25, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to unlawfully killing his son.

The defendant, formerly of Balcary Grove, Heaton, was remanded in custody for the preparation of a psychological report for sentencing on February 28.

A charge of causing or allowing the death of a child against the boy’s mother, Rabeel Malik, 23, was dismissed at an earlier hearing.

3 thoughts on “Bolton Muslim Man admits Killing his 6 Week Old Son”

  1. This lacksadaisical attitude to a child’s life isn’t only confined to the UK and our bearded savages. A quick look at some of the vile things coming out of Hamas children’s TV for example will show children being encouraged to parrot hatred for members of other groups and being filled with a desire to kill themselves whilst killing others. There is a lot of truth in what the former Israeli Prime Minister stated when she said: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

    The Arabs/Muslims don’t love their children, if they did they would not encourage them to throw their lives away in hatred and aggression.

    Islam equals child abuse.

  2. As an occasional visitor to Bolton I was amused at the number of people waltzing about in fancy dress.
    The other thing is absurd domes and minarets within terraced streets.(the Swiss have stopped this)
    It can only be an inculcated personality factor that gives Pakis the idea that they are superior and want to finish up in Allah’s celestial bordello.
    If there was no Islam and malevolent Mohmmed stood on a box at Speaker’s Corner he’d be laughed at by everyone.
    That’s the answer Islam should be the focus of satirical humour.
    And Pat Condell should be given time on TV and made an MP.

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