UK: Far Left, Pro-Islamic Group Praise Vile Serial Killer and Child Molester Fred West

Below is a reblog from the excellent Body Of Truth showing the hypocrisy of a far left pro Islamic group. The Facebook group Slatedl they claim was created to oppose the English Defence League’s stance against militant Islam. They claim the EDL are racist for speaking out against the evil of Islam so they must oppose the EDL voicing their concerns. Islam is a belief and all in the mind the same as Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and any other religion or cult. So for a group that are so outraged at that criticism and feel they must defend somebody else’s belief’s with such high  morales at a first thought you might imagine them as whiter than white. The  reality of it is that like so many of these Saint like  far left groups, once you scratch below the surface their true colours show. They use their supposed “anti-edl” platform to scaremonger with lies and exaggerations, post screen shots and adresses and basicially cyber bully people,  calling them names about how they look which is no different than being racist which they claim to hate. Or such as in these case glorifying and joking regarding evil paedophile serial killer Fred West


UK: Far Left, Pro-Islamic Group Praise Vile Serial Killer and Child Molester Fred West

We received an email this morning containing screenshots from a Pro-Islamic, far Left, anti-EDL page which we have covered in articles before.

The group is called Still Laughing at The English Defence League (SLATEDL), although The Body of Truth has no connection to the English Defence League other than covering them in relevant articles, we feel the need to publish the sick exploits of the “SLATEDL” group, it’s followers and the vile tactics they are known to use.

The members of SLATEDL create and use troll accounts to fish for pictures and details on EDL members and other counter Jihadists and post them on their website in the hope that they will be attacked by their rabid Antifa gangs, The group frequently use bullying and harassment campaigns against anybody who disagrees with them.

In the past we have posted an article on this same group, one in which they tried to condemn figures calling Muslims ‘savages’ by posting a news article covering the ‘reformed relative’ of a Muslim gang murderer who brutally killed an innocent non-Muslim teenager in a racial attack, backfiring spectacularly.

This week, they have hit a low even I did not expect Leftists to sink to, as SLATEDL admins and members, praise vile child molester, torturer, rapist and murderer Fred West and make light of his sickening and bloodthirsty crimes against innocent women.

The group posted a picture of vile British serial killer Fred West next to a picture of an unknown figure (presumably somebody who did not fit in with their warped way of thinking) claiming that the two had a resemblance, one of the followers of the group using the name “Ozzy Brotherton” then commended Fred West as “Good old Fred West” and “What a Grafter (hard worker)” this is a reference to Fred West being involved in the building and construction industry, a trade which he used to conceal the bodies of his victims.

The SLATEDL group are highly critical of anti-Islamic comments on Counter Jihad pages, yet, this vile comment received 4 likes from like minded members of the group.


Another member called Lloyd Davies then wrote the following sick comment: “If he’s good at laying a patio down” this is in reference to Fred West burying the bodies of his victims under the patio behind his house, his victims were cruelly tortured, sexually abused, raped and brutally murdered.


As you can see in the above screenshot, a member using the name, Andy Scott then remarks: “I heard his cellar renovations were top class” this is in reference to the tortured and dismembered bodies of victims which were found buried under the cellar floor of Fred and Rose West’s home.

If you would like to see how the admin of the SLATEDL page reacted when somebody published our article on their page: “Well it made me laugh”


So it is clear that not only the followers of SLATEDL are attracted too and find amusing the torture, dismemberment, rape and child molestation that Fred West carried out but the admin of the page shares the same sick mentality.

The sickening views shown by this group, who do everything in there power to defend horrific Islamic actions around the world and condemn Counter Jihad groups, show their vile ideology for what it truly is.

Whilst looking through the page myself a few months ago, I also grabbed a screenshot showing one of the admins of the page admitting to being a drug addict and taking acid.


Defending Muslim rapists, Praising child molesting serial killers and boasting about their drug addiction, I really don’t think that SLATEDL have the authority to criticize any counter Jihad group.. their sick behavior gives a sort of explanation as to why they are lap dogs to Muslims, they simply share the same sickening mindset.

Thank You for reading, feel free to link and share this article to ensure more people see the sickening face of this far left, pro-Islamic group.

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2 thoughts on “UK: Far Left, Pro-Islamic Group Praise Vile Serial Killer and Child Molester Fred West”

  1. Sorry it’s a long comment.

    Guilt by association is a standard part of the Left’s armoury. It’s similar to how the Left misuse the word ‘racist’,to smear those of us who oppose Islam. It is no different to criticise the ideology and philosophy of Islam as it is to criticise Communism or Fascism or any other philosophy, political creed or ideology.

    Islam is, and has been throughout history a genocidal political cult, smeared with a coat of religiousity. It has shown this in the way it displaced the Egyptian indegines, the Copts and how its pirates devastated the coasts of Europe, from Italy right up to the South Coast of the United Kingdom.

    Because of the inherent, threatened and actual violence contained within the ideology of Islam (just look at Islamic nations for examples) it should not be treated as indulgently as it is. Nor should it be treated in a similar manner to other considerably more peaceable faiths. Islam should be seen as a threat to freedom.

    Regarding the Left, I despise much of what the political Left has become. What good it once possessed has long since been poisoned not only by the Left’s association with Islam, but with its embrace of moral relativism. The current generation of the Left and the Soixtante Retards who begat them have embraced the fascism they once fought so fiercely.

    They should be ashamed of what they have become, nothing more than jokers, thugs, authoritarians and grasses. What a sad end for dreams of revolution.

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