Muslims Celebrate New Year In France By Burning 1200 Cars

As the majority of us celebrated the New Year peacefully, followers of  “the religion of peace” in France saw in 2013 in true Muslim style. With a bit of good old Islamic violence and rioting. In the Muslim enclaves gangs of Islamic thugs battled in the streets with the French police force and rampaged in major French cities burning approximately 1200 cars in the process. No doubt the Muslims will claim that the mindless thuggery and random acts of thuggery was not their fault because some trivial thing has upset them and provoked the orgy of destruction

muslim scroats in france celebrated new year by going on the rampage and fighting against the french police

reports suggest that muslim thugs set 1200 cars on fire in a mindless orgy of violence



Written on January 1, 2013 at 1:40 pm by alpineski

Notice the Arabic Graffiti painted on one of the burned cars. Muslims celebrate 2013 how muslims know best with a riot

Notice the Arabic Graffiti painted on one of the burned cars.


Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday that 1,193 vehicles were burned overnight around the country.  Clashes between police and offenders in the New Year’s Eve took place in the Muslim majority districts in the city of Strasbourg and Mulhouse.  About seven police officers were attacked New Years eve night.

Around 1,200 cars were burned by rioting Muslims on the New Year’s Eve in France, where the mass burning cars in the

national holidays are kind of tradition among Muslim residents of the disadvantaged suburbs of immigrants.

In recent years, the celebration of the New Year and the Bastille Day (July 14) in France is often marked by mass burning cars as well. On the night of January 1, 2010, there were 1,137 thousand cars burned on the night of January 1, 2009 – 1,147 thousand were burned.

In the summer of 2010, the Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux made the decision to stop the practice of  counting  the demonstrators, as they claimed it only encourages the Muslim youths to commit such crimes .  The current Minister of the Interior said that “the French people should know the truth.”

The American media has mostly not reported on these incidents, and when they do rarely mention their background or religion.

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