4 Islamo-nonces Arrested in East London on Child Sex Charges

 The disgusting Muslim grooming gang epidemic has now spread down south after being mostly in the Greater Manchester,Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas until now. Last month saw arrests of Muslims in Wycombe and now the latest case in East London as 4 Muslims have been arrested on several rape charges and controlling child prostitution.The most disturbing thing with the controlling child prostitution charge is the fact that there are potentially 100’s of  dirty Muslim sex-cases that have paid for sex with these children yet are un-prosecuted  and more than likely never will be. Its scary just thinking about the potential amount involved because i can hardly see the Muslim pimp selling 4 separate girls innocence to just 1 warped individual.

It brings me absolutely no  pleasure to say i think i was right in previous posts by saying that it was the tip of the iceberg with this problem. For once i was actually hoping to of been wrong with my call 😦

Men face court over child sex charges

Last updated Fri 14 Dec 2012

Four men will today appear in court charged with several sexual offences including child prostitution.

The East London group were arrested and charged yesterday.

Naeem Ahmed, 25, was charged with controlling child prostitution, inciting child prostitution and five counts of rape.

Anas Mir Iqbal, 25, was charged with one count of paying a child prostitute for sexual services.

Nabeel Ahmed, 23, was charged with six counts of rape, and Hassan Raza, 23, from Leyton, was charged with one count of sexual touching.

Officers made the arrests in the early hours of yesterday morning, acting on intelligence from Essex Police.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said four victims aged between 16 and 18 have been identified.

The accused will make their first appearance at Barking Magistrates’ Court today.

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