Extremist Mega Hate Mosque NO THANK YOU !

 build churches in saudi arabia is the message. lets see how tolerant Islam really is

Muslims  extremists with terrorist links in London has been denied permission to build a mega-mosque. Tabligh Jamaat [TJ], the Muslim preaching movement that reflects the fundamentalist Deobandi ideology of the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban,  saw its plan to build the 9,000-capacity venue in West Ham, east London, rejected by members of Newham Borough Council at a planning meeting. The Tablighi Jamaat group have strong links to terrorist organizations around the World and also here in Britain. 2 of the 7/7 London bombers were regulars at  Tablighi Jamaat controlled mosques.If permission had been granted, Abbey Mills Mosque – also known as the Riverine Centre – would have become one of the biggest Islamic centres in Britain and western Europe.

For once common sense has prevailed by a local authority when dealing with Muslims. Surprisingly refusing to bend over backwards to give them their own way despite a large Muslim mob of extremists gathering outside the meeting to try and put pressure on the council.


Following the meeting, Conor McAuley, Newham Council’s executive member for regeneration and strategic planning, said:

“The proposed mosque building is too big and would have an impact on important historic buildings nearby.”

He said councillors had considered the application “at length and with great care” before rejecting it.

“The council undertook a rigorous and extensive consultation about the proposals in the run-up to this decision,” he added. Our planning policies promote the development of the Abbey Mills site for a mix of residential, employment and community uses, to help create a new local centre near West Ham station and regenerate the area.”The creation of new homes and jobs are a priority for Newham Council.”It is not considered that this application is consistent with these policies.”

 Since Tablighi Jamaat moved into the Abbey Mills site in 1996, it has become embroiled in a series of application and enforcement disputes with Newham Council.

The group has been accused in the past of radicalising young Muslims. In 2008, Newham councillor and Christian Choice candidate for mayor of London, Alan Craig, complained he had been prevented by the BBC from describing it as a “separatist Islamic group” in a party political broadcast.

Big well done to MegaMosqueNoThanks.com and anybody else who campaigned against this extremist hate mosque.  

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