Muslim Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil” Allah maybe???

A Muslim morgue worker in Saudi was caught by his work colleagues having sex with a dead body. His excuse for doing such a heinous sexual act was it was the devil’s fault. I wonder if by the devil he meant Allah with the evil Koran being the satanic verses. Like most Muslims he wasnt very bright and on the ball . If he had of used he was emulating his hero and having sex with the dead he would of got off with it. No hero doesn’t mean Jimmy Saville . Hero as in the original necrophiliac and perfect Muslim, the Prophet Mohammed . In Islam anything peado Mo did in his lifetime is a go ahead for today’s Muslims to do.

Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil”

Published Sunday, November 18, 2012

A 33-year-old Bangladeshi morgue worker accused of raping a dead woman denied he committed the crime, saying he only wanted to see the corpse’s genitals at the Devil’s request, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

A Saudi employee at a government hospital in the western town of Makkah caught the Bangladeshi with the naked dead woman inside the morgue last week and told the hospital management that the worker was raping the corpse.

“The worker told police that he did not rape the corpse but that he took the sheets off her and caressed the body out of curiosity,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“He confessed to his crime but denied that he raped the dead woman…he said the Devil was there when he did so and pleaded for forgiveness.”

via Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil” – Emirates 24/7.

2 thoughts on “Muslim Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil” Allah maybe???”

  1. Here’s something to lighten the mood

    When a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu says ‘God told me to do it’, then it normally means that the Christian, Jew or Hindu is going to build a hospital, or endow a school, or give to charity.

    When a Muslim says ‘God told me to do it’ it normally means he is going to blow up a hospital, school or charity.

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