Mohammed Islam Choudhrey Telford ex-taxi driver jailed over sex with girl

Another Islamo-nonce jailed after paying £50 a time for sex with a girl young enough to be his grand daughter,to 2 different Muslim sicko’s who were pimping the child out
November 28, 2012 10:59

Telford ex-taxi driver jailed over sex with girl

A 53-year-old former taxi driver and fast food worker who paid to have sex with a Shropshire schoolgirl has been jailed.

Mohammed Choudhrey
Mohammed Choudhrey

Mohammed Islam Choudhrey was said to have handed over more than £600 to the teenager in a just a few months. At Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday Choudhrey was sentenced to prison for a total of two-and-a-half years.

He had admitted a charge of paying for the sexual services of a child between January and December, 2009.

Judge Michael Challinor told Choudhrey that he had ‘cynically used the young girl for sexual purposes’.

He said Choudhrey’s actions had been persistent and the harm to the Telford teenager was immense.

Judge Challinor said he accepted that Choudhrey was not part of a predatory gang and that he had been kind to the victim.

“But the offence is serious and the age difference makes you dangerous to young girls who must be protected,” he said.

Choudhrey, of Solway Drive, Sutton Hill, Telford, was made the subject of a Sex Offences Protection Order for the next seven years. The judge ordered that a second allegation of paying the girl for sex should lie on the file.

At court yesterday Miss Deborah Gould, prosecuting, said that Choudhrey’s plea represented a persistent course of conduct over a period of several months.

She said that Choudhrey met the victim, who cannot be named, when she was 16 and he would give her lifts, food, alcohol and cannabis.

Miss Gould said the teenager had already been heavily exploited by two other men who were controlling her as a prostitute.

Choudhrey became a customer, paying £50 each time, and changed the teenager’s actions towards working as a prostitute in her own right.

Mr Denis Desmond, for Choudhrey, said his client had not corrupted the girl and had treated her well and gave her gifts. The money came later.

He said Choudhrey had been unaware that the other men were getting the cash from the girl.

Mr Desmond said that as a result of the case his client had been disowned by his family and ostracised by the local Muslim community.

4 thoughts on “Mohammed Islam Choudhrey Telford ex-taxi driver jailed over sex with girl”

  1. Thousands of children are sexually abused by gangs and groups in England each year, according to a report. The Office of Children’s Commissioner study says there were 2,409 victims in the 14 months to October 2011 – but the true number is likely to be far higher.The report also identifies 16,500 children who were at “high risk of sexual exploitation” in 2010-11. David Cameron told the House of Commons the report was “extremely disturbing” and should be studied carefully. The report, titled “I thought I was the only one – the only one in the world”, sets out the findings from the first year of a two-year inquiry. It is the first study to set out the scale of the sexual exploitation of children and young people. It comes in the wake of the jailing in May of nine Asian men for grooming and sexually exploiting white girls as young as 13 in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It draws on figures for sexual abuse, young offending and child health from local authorities, police, health services, voluntary agencies and children and young people.

    The deputy children’s commissioner, Sue Berelowitz, said the evidence indicated the perpetrators “come from all ethnic groups and so do their victims, contrary to what some may wish to believe”. She cautioned the “model” of Asian men preying on white girls was just one of “a number of models”. “The failure of agencies to recognise this means that too many child victims are not getting the protection and support they so desperately need,” Ms Berelowitz added. Analysis of the reported ethnicity of more than 1,500 alleged perpetrators showed that about a third were white, the largest ethnic group. “The reality is that each year thousands of children in England are raped and abused by people seeking to humiliate, violate and control them,” said Ms Berelowitz. She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that in six out of 10 cases no information was available on ethnicity.The authors say evidence to the inquiry indicates that in any given year the actual number of children being abused is far greater than the 2,409 confirmed in the report.

    Another Muslim sex case from the North West. Kasim Hussain from Darwen guilty of raping two girls, aged 14 and 15 was sentenced to 13 years in prison. He is the product of British schooling with non-Muslim monolingual teachers.He finds himself cut off from their cultural heritage and are unable to enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. He is notoriously monolingual Brit. Like other Brits, he is involved in binge drinking, drug addiction and sexual grooming of underage native girls.”
    This is sickening. It’s no wonder Great Britain is in such a bad shape. Ten years old British girls are having babies out of wedlock. They are not allowed to get married but are allowed to have babies.
    Teenage pregnancy rate in Great Britain is the highest in western Europe. It is a civilised country and Yemen is a backward country because it allows young girls to get married.
    Who says that Europeans are civilised. They are the most savage people in the world. They are guilty of massacre during the time of Crusade in Jerusalem. They not only slaughtered Arab Muslims but also Arab Christians and Jews. They massacred American Indians in millions. They slaughtered Aborigines who welcomed them in the first place. British massacred millions of Indian Muslims after the War of Independence in 1857. Millions of their children were converted to Christianity by the Christian Missionaries.
    Iftikhar Ahmad
    London School of Islamics Trust

    1. Again, if Brits were grooming Pakistani girls, the Pakistanis would come with torches and pitchforks taking enthousiastic revenge.
      Urdu is indeed very useful too all children in Great Britain, not just Pakistani children.

    2. Not Hindu or Buddhist or Chinese are mentioned as rape gangs. It is Muslims gangs. Not Hindu or Buddhist or Chinese but Muslim fgm and honour murder (95% by Muslims) and bombings and killing gays and on and on. Islam demands and demands. I can go into Hindu area safey, into a Chinese area safely but I am not safe in a Muslim area? Why ?? You are not well. Your jihad is all you care about and your lying does not work with everyone. Simple if Islamic countries are so great why do people want to leave. If you think they are so great why not live there. Jihad is the answer . You know it we know it. Obama and the left are on your side but things change. But in the mean time you keep talking your bullshit and we keep ignoring you. You do realise one day the tables will turn and you will have no friends in the west. And i am pretty sure you will not want to go back to an Islamic country.

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