Denmark becomes a Muslim country

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Denmark becomes a Muslim country


(By:  Soeren Kern )

“We should not get where Denmark Danish traditions disappear when a Muslim majority” – Tom Behnke, spokesman of the Danish Conservative Party.

Muslim Immigrants in a town near Copenhagen have ensured that the traditional Christmas display this year forced not continue, while even lavish money was spent on the Muslim Eid celebration (Eid) at the end of Ramadan to mark.

The controversy has led to a heated nationwide debate on the role of Islam in the post-Christian Denmark, where a rapidly growing Muslim population increasingly assertive in imposing its will regarding a wide range of social and societal issues.

The last riot concerns Egedalsvænget residential complex in Kokkedal, a town located about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Copenhagen, where Arab and Turkish immigrants now more than half of the total population.

At a recent meeting of the Egedalsvænget tenants association refused the Muslim majority in the Board consent to 7,000 Danish kroner ($ 1,200) to spend the joint annual Christmas event.

The vote came shortly after the same Board of Directors had authorized up to 60,000 crowns ($ 10,000) to spend a large communal celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid. Five of the nine board members are Muslim.

A Muslim member of the board of directors, Ismail Mestasi, defended the decision to the Christmas tree and party not to go ahead with the argument that no one had offered to organize the celebration. “Nobody wanted to take responsibility. A vote was taken and it ended as it ended. I do not celebrate Christmas, but I was asked to pick the tree. And I did not. ” But a non-Muslim director, Karin Blank Nature Hansen, spoke to him and said that she herself had offered to take responsibility, but they were drowned out by the Muslim Board.

Of the dispute, the latest in a growing number of Muslim-related controversy in Denmark, was first on 7 November report by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Since then, the problem escalated into a national scandal and it has become an important topic for public debate in the Danish media as well as in politics.

A spokesman of the Danish Conservative Party, Tom Behnke, says he fears that there are people who want to change Denmark in an Islamic country. In an interview with DR Newssaid Behnke: “I think it’s very worrying that our efforts to achieve integration are so ineffective that, at the time when a Muslim majority, our good old Danish traditions put away and instead Islamic traditions are introduced. We live in Denmark and the people must adapt to the situation that applies here. ”

Asked whether corporations with a Muslim minority Eid party should fund, said Behnke: “We must not forget that in the past Eid festival the victory party was at the slaughter of Christians, so I do not know whether we have in Denmark should remember. However, the people are allowed to re festivals whatsoever to celebrate, but they also need the festivals in the country to which they have accrued respect “.

Behnke added: “There is no point to Denmark to want to change in a Muslim country, because you yourself have a Muslim background. That should never happen. On the contrary, we have mutual respect for each other. This is a lack of respect for the traditions of the Danes and their culture. We should not have a Denmark where Danish traditions disappear, when a Muslim majority. ”

The Danish police now investigating an allegation of racism against Muslim members. In an interview with the ‘ Copenhagen Post , “said the police spokesman, Karsten Egtved:” It must be determined whether the decision of the Muslim members of the board of directors to first ‘yes’ vote for the Eid festival that 60,000 crowns cost, and then ‘no’ vote against a tree crowns from 7000 to Christian tradition to celebrate, violating laws relating to discrimination against Christians and their traditions. ”

The fight over the tree took on 12 November a threatening new twist when a van with two journalists from TV2 News was attacked by 25 masked vandals. The journalists were to Egedalsvænget residential gone to a report on the story on video, but upon arrival was their van bombarded with stones and boulders. The attackers destroyed the van and the unfortunate journalists were expelled from the area.

According to TV2, the perpetrators were Muslim youths who tried to catch the interest of the media for the Christmas tree dispute the silence.

The local police have the side of the Muslim attackers chosen by blaming the journalists to explain, because it primarily a television car in the field had brought. Then Houtved of North Zealand police told  BT News  that he did not go he would have gone as a journalist of TV2.”You choose an area where tension is accessed.One can argue about whether it is wise. I probably would not have done. ”

Houtved refers to the growing number of no-go areas  in the suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that are increasingly autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic gangs.These are areas where the  Danish police did not dare to come . (Here is a  new video that shows how the Danish Government native Danes bribes to get them where they live in immigrant neighborhoods).

In March, for example, did more than 140 Muslim gang members raided a courthouse where two fellow Muslims stood trial for attempted murder. The Muslims – all members of criminal street gangs that large parts of Danish cities have taken over – wore masks and bulletproof vests and they threw stones and bottles as they tried to March 6 with violence to enter the courthouse of the county in Glostrup, a highly Islamized suburb of Copenhagen.

Police used batons and pepper spray to the gang members to expel armed with an arsenal of 20 different weapons, including crowbars, darts, hammers, knives, screwdrivers and wooden clubs.

In the process Glostrup two Pakistani immigrants were involved, who were accused of discharging shots, and an attempt to two fellow Muslims to murder as part of a rival gang.The shooting had to do with an escalating gang war between rival Muslim gangs from Værebroparken Bagsværd residential area, a suburb of Copenhagen, and from Nivå Kokkedal and in northern Zealand. Of immigrant gangs are believed to be responsible in 2012 for at least 50 shootings in and around Copenhagen.

The immigrant gangs are involved in numerous criminal activities, including drug trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, extortion, human trafficking, theft, prostitution, theft, extortion and murder. Many of the gang members are ethnic Arabs, Bosnians, Turks and Somalis. There are Iraqis, Moroccans, Palestinians and Pakistanis involved.

In recent years the immigrant gangs geographically across Denmark. The gangs are located south of Copenhagen across the rest of Zealand, about the center of Nørrebro, to the suburbs Ishøj, Greve, and to Køge. The gangs are also active in Albertslund, Herlev, Hillerød, Høje Gladsaxe, Hundige, Roskilde and Skovlunde and many more Danish places.

Danish authorities estimate that each year more than 700 immigrants between the ages of 18 and 25 years for a permanent career in crime elect, by participating in gangs like Black Cobra, the Black Scorpions, the Bandidos, the Bloodz, the International Club or other of the more than 100 gangs currently operating in Denmark.

In August were more than 80 Muslim gang members raided a hospital in Odense, the third largest city of Denmark, in a failed attempt at a 26-year-old rival gang to abduct earlier in a shopping district Vollsmose was shot and stabbed . Hospital Police had to use weapons to prevent the angry mob victims of the shooting in hands would get. An ambulance and four police cars were destroyed during the violence.

More recently, Muslim gangs shops and bars in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen extorted. They threatened the local entrepreneurs with violence if they refused to pay protection money, because they work on ‘Islamic territory’.

But some non-Muslims have refused to give in to the threats. Take for example the 67-year-old  Jane Pedersen , courageous owner of the ‘Viking Café “, a bar, because of its refusal to pay has been the target of repeated attacks by Muslim gangs. Pedersen has a Facebook page called “No to bullies, yes to beer”, that national and international attention for her case has drawn. (Look at this one video that was produced by the politically correct BBC , who manages to report the problem and of Pedersen Copenhagen with criminal gangs, without once using the word “Muslim”).

In an interview with the  newspaper Jyllands-Posten  Pedersen said: “Some guys came in here and told me that I have to pay to be allowed to stay in their area. I refused. I would be their grandmother, there is simply no justification for their behavior. ”

Soeren Kern  is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Stone Gate Institute . He is also the Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estrategicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook .


8 thoughts on “Denmark becomes a Muslim country”

  1. Why do Muslims come to Europe, one wonders….and why do we allow them to? Did someone ask your opinion before letting Muslims come to Europe as you say? I think you have very little say in the matter, and perhaps that’s why you’re so angry. Cultural diversity, open borders and an end to blatant racism is the only answer. England is big enough for 70 million or more. To be honest, I would be prefer to live in a Britain of immigrants than intolerant bigots.

    I love immigration. The more people of diverse culture the better. The sooner we water down the racists who look down upon anyone with non white skin the better. What goes around comes around…….any one remember colonisation ,…..immigration is pay back time!This debate is not about mass immigration. It’s all about maintaining a white majority ,Britain. With so much suffering going on around the world, these people are more concerned about 15 century tribalism than helping humanity.

    Migrant Muslims are working for the economic prosperity of European countries. Without them their economy would bleed to death. According to UNISCO, nearly 75 million migrants would be needed in Europe in the next 50 years because of ageing population and low birth rate. Muslim population will increase because of migration, high birth rate and reversion to Islam by well educated Europeans.

    Cecilia Malmström, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, said: “Successful integration implies that migrants are given the opportunity to participate fully in their new communities. Learning the language of the receiving country, getting access to employment and education and having the socio-economic capacity to support themselves are crucial elements for a successful integration. To date, integration of migrants in Europe has not been very successful. We must all do more – for the sake of the people coming here, but also since well-integrated migrants are an asset for the EU, as they enrich our societies culturally and economically.”

    As I have been scanning the news for information on the brutal murders in Norway two things have struck me. The first were the “terrorism experts” who immediately jumped to the conclusion that Muslim extremist were behind this with no evidence at hand. But most startling is the fact that Anders Brehing Breivik apparently was a deeply influenced by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Daniel Pipes. In fact he apparently posted a video of Pipes drawing supposed connections between “Leftists” and “Muslim Extremists” to his website.
    London School of Islamics Trust

    1. Colonization by Europeans was necessary because Christianity demanded large families. Islam seems to agree that Europeans should have large families, as they complain about European promiscuity. After all, no promiscuity and large families are connected. So Muslims have no right to complain about European colonialism, as long as they oppose abortion, promiscuity etc, and consider Christianity to be a Religion of the Book, more so because Pakistani Muslims invaded India time and time again. Pakistani Muslims resisted British rule, so the Brits can resist Pakistani rule. PAYBACK IS INDEED A BITCH!!!

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