Huge update to Interactive The Muslim Grooming / Paedo epidemic Map

The interactive Muslim grooming paedo epidemic map updated with another 11 islamo-nonce cases added to it.

 updated 8/10/2012 – added Birmingham & 3rd in Bradford

updated 29/10/ 2012 – added new Rochdale grooming gang

updated 14/11/2012 – added 2nd Blackburn

updated 17/11/2012 – added Keighley, Nelson, 2nd Rotherham, Oldham, 2nd Manchester, Preston, Sheffield,  3rd/4th in Rochdale, 2nd Blackpool , 3rd/4th Blackburn (thanks Petra for the tip)

What the government report on child abuse due next week wont tell you for community relations and because its politically incorrect. Unlike Muslim appeaser Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz who’s behind the cover up. I couldnt care less about political correctness or upsetting Muslims.


3 thoughts on “Huge update to Interactive The Muslim Grooming / Paedo epidemic Map”

    1. thanks, just trying to do my bit and show what the political correctness loving authorities and mainstream media are to scared to say in case it should upset Muslims.As we know tho it doesnt take much to upset them and if they will always find something to get upset at anyway no matter how much pandering to them is done .
      It definitely looks a lot more horrifying with the new additions added to the map, At this rate soon the area from Greater Manchester north to the Ribble Valley will be totally blocked out by blue dots on the map 😦

  1. I saw on Sky news this morning that there have been arrests in High Wycombe in connection with child grooming. No description or names of those arrested but going by the demographics of HW and past cultural form, I reckon there is a fair chance that this case also involves Bearded Savages.

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