Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz Plans to Further Cover Up the Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic in Politically Correct Report

You can guarantee that every week  some idiotic do-gooder like  Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will make my blood boil by pussy footing round Muslims because its politically correct. Rather than telling the truth and risking Muslims getting upset.When it comes to something as serious as child abuse, there is absolutely no place for political correctness what so ever. If  Muslims or  anyone else gets upset by the truth being told however politically incorrect it may be then TOUGH!!

No one is denying that evil paedophiles come from all ethnicity’s and religions. To me they are all vermin who should of been put down.There are plenty of  white British nonces about for sure.But like it or not, when it comes down to grooming in gangs particularly of white schoolgirls . This is a massive problem in the Muslim community with racist Muslim males of Pakistani descent the main offenders.

For someone such as Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz to fail to include the huge problem of Muslim grooming gangs in a major report on child abuse would be like rubbing salt into the wounds of the thousands of victims and their families who have experienced the pain caused by these Muslim grooming gangs first hand. It would be an insult to those of us Brits that are capable of thinking for ourselves and KNOW Muslim grooming gangs are a huge problem and want it eradicating from  society.

If Sue Berelowitz doesn’t include something as important as the Muslim grooming epidemic in her report. Not only would it be a massive error of judgement. It will show everyone how incompetent and unfit she is for the job of  Deputy Children’s Commissioner. She will effectively be aiding and abetting every Muslim grooming gang member up and down the country because the abuse will go on and on while her and all the authorities carry on covering it up. You can bet your life if it had been the other way and white abusing Muslims it would of been included in the report the abuse of Muslim girls by racist white men.

How many more of Britian’s schoolgirls need to be abused like halal meat by Muslim grooming gangs before something is done. This has been going on and covered up for years. After the tragic Charlene Downes murder case in Blackpool a report said that upto 60 girls were the victims of Muslim sex gangs in the town but fear of being branded racist hindered the investigation and it was hushed up instead. 

Authority’s tried to cover up the Rochdale grooming gang scandal. They even had a media blackout at the start of the trial to try  keep it quiet so it didnt damage community relations. MUSLIM COMMUNITY RELATIONS. If it wasnt for the fact that various patriot groups protested outside the court and exposed  it,then who knows we may of still been in the dark.

Then recently we have had the leaked police reports from Rotherham about the massive scale of the Islamo-nonce problem in South Yorkshire. Where possibly thousands of insentiences of sexual abuse by Muslim grooming gangs have gone un-prosecuted  and covered up by police and social services because of political correctness and fear of being branded racist.

With Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale, Rotherham, Bradford, Keighley and Oxford all coming to light in this past year. You cant help but wonder wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg. How many more police forces and councils are covering up Muslim sexual abuse of children for community relations.How many more towns across Britain are experiencing the same problem.  Blackburn? Burnley? Preston? Leeds ? Bolton? Dewsbury? Oldham? Tower Hamlets? in fact anywhere with a Muslim community its potentially happening and being covered up

This is just another thing to thank the previous Labour government for. Not only have we millions of unskilled, uncivilized and uneducated Muslim immigrants draining our country because of their open arms welcome. Muslim terrorists who we cant even kick out of Britain because of their human rights laws. Now we have a Muslim paedo epidemic that has become a taboo subject because they rammed political correctness down our throats for years 

Sex gangs report ‘will play down threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls’


PUBLISHED: 15:13, 16 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:55, 16 November 2012

Next week Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will publish a major report into child abuse

Next week Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz will publish a major report into child abuse

A major report into child abuse will trigger controversy next week when it plays down the significance of Pakistani men targeting white girls.

It is claimed England’s deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz will avoid saying there is a specific problem, fearing it might appear politically incorrect.

The move will add to claims that the authorities have turned a blind eye to the problem.

Council officials and police were accused of failing to tackle the problem of Pakistani gangs sexually abusing young girls in Rochdale in Lancashire and Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

A Whitehall source said: ‘It’s important we don’t take a politically-correct approach and pretend there is not a real problem here.

‘Obviously abuse has been carried out by men from all sorts of ethnic background,’ the source told The Sun.

‘But that doesn’t mean we cannot say there is an issue about groups of Pakistani men systematically targeting young white girls.’

Earlier this year Ms Berelowitz was at pains to insist inquiries into abuse should not focus solely on young Pakistani men.

She told MPs that children in all communities and ethnic groups were at risk, highlighting cases in Derby, Rotherham, Birmingham and Dewsbury.

‘What I am uncovering is that sexual exploitation of children is happening all over the country,’ she told the home affairs select committee.

‘As one police officer who was the lead in a very big investigation in a very lovely, leafy, rural part of the country said to me: “There isn’t a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited.” The evidence that has come to the fore during the course of my inquiry is that that, unfortunately, appears to be the case.

‘We should start from the assumption that children are being sexually exploited right the way across the country.’

However there is growing unease in Whitehall that Ms Berelowitz’s approach will fail to place sufficient emphasis on the problem of Pakistani men targeting young white girls.

A spokesman for the deputy children’s commissioner said: ‘The report recognises that there are many different patterns of abuse and that is clearly identified in the report.

‘As the deputy commissioner has already reported, there is evidence coming in of many different kinds of perpetrators.

‘What has been in recent reports is one pattern of abuse. Our evidence shows it’s not the only pattern of abuse.’

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9 thoughts on “Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz Plans to Further Cover Up the Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic in Politically Correct Report”

  1. What is their bloody problem with “racism”? “Racism” supposedly lead to the Holocaust. Young Muslims disrupt history lessons about the Holocaust.
    An oil boycot would hurt Muslims as well. Destroying the world economy would mean the shares of the oil sheiks become worthless.
    Anyway, Muslim men can only escape eternal damnation by slashing their wrists or cutting off their balls. Islam destroys itself in Syria, in Iraq, or their stupid, silly attack on Israel.
    If Mecca can be rebuilt, God can arise from the dead. Again, Hell is eternal.

  2. British media is prone to racial hatred against Asian men mainly Muslim men. Minority does not define all Asians. A Christian, catholic, sikh or jew that commit crimes e.g paedophile are not all branded the same. why isn’t it publicised in the media when women and children are getting raped by British or american soldiers. When Christian paedophiles think its ok to mess with kids why isn’t that publicised via race?? Majority of the murderers that kill are white so are we to assume every white person is also a murderer??people that assume they know Islam need to actually look into it instead of following blindly. There is not other religion more peaceful then Islam, people are just afraid to look into the religion because they know that if they did it would make sense, instead they follow made up opinions stupidly!!! Why do you never refer to Anders Breivik as “the Christian”?

    Child sex abuse figures from UK H.M. Prison Service show that perpetrators are overwhelmingly white: 93% White vs 7% Black/Asian. In 2009, 8 ALL white members of a paedophile network have been found guilty of a catalogue of charges relating to child abuse and indecent images of children yet the our xenophobic media did not make it a ‘race’ issue. Also, the vast majority of sexual abuse of children takes place in the home by people they know, family members, family friends etc (and in some cases even priests) NOT out on the street by gangs, White, Asian or otherwise.

    Many of the people that do the abusing are from all religions, including Islam, that is also a fact!. No particular culture has the monopoly on this disgusting crime! It’s not just the Pakistani community, the xenophobes are out in force again. 95% of grooming is done by whites. Lear we forget the nursery nurse taking sexual photos of 0-5 in Cornwall. Yes the Pakistani community need to look at their own lads what they’re up to and they need to deal with.

    1. Well you’ve just ruined your total argument with that comment you fool, you stated the papers don’t report on white paedophile’s when you’ve provided a link to say they do. Also the reason there’s not more Pakistani males in prison for groom and rape is because of political correctness, the first succesfull prosecution has led other Police force’s to stop being politically correct and actually investigate which has resulted in numerous arrest’s and charges since. Who said the white school girls were raped outside? It’s been reported in the news they were taken to knocking shops aka run down terrace houses or flats above takeaways and gang raped by groups of Pakistani men and when they had younger white girls Pakistanis came from other communities and paid to rape them. Nobody’s saying that some white people are also paedophile’s so i don’t know where you’ve got that from? What is fact is white gangs don’t gang rape women and children which is primarily a black and Pakistani crime. Check up anywhere you can to confirm that that is the truth and you’ll find plenty of evidence of blacks and Pakistani’s gang raping white kids. I didn’t even really need to write this reply because every single one of the claims you made in the first part of your comment was proven to be a lie in your second part of your comment. You’ll soon see the Pakistani paedophile population in our prisons explode now the Police and CPS know that futile ridiculous claims of racism being the cause for them abusing children doesn’t wash with any of the public and even the European Court Of Human Rights won’t listen to their appeals because it’s clear they commited the crime, it’s clear they have been doing it for a long time, it’s clear there are networks around the whole country who “swop their goods” and it’s clear this is a huge problem and not an isolated ring confined to just that area with Pakistani pado rings all over the country that the Police and CPS have finally grown some balls to investigate and prosecute to prevent them from destroying any more lives

    2. You are missing the point … islam (as you very well know!) condones child rape.
      While men of all ages and races rape children, they don’t pick their victims according to a religious doctrine.

      Muslims like to copy Muhammed. Muhammed considered kufir women to be legitimate prey, slaves etc. And age does not seem to be a problem in Islam, as stated by your imams.

      The use of Asian and White is wrong, it should be muslims and non-muslim.
      Paedophile child rapists do not tend to brag to their friends.
      Pimps running child rapist rings are a different kettle of fish.
      Islam condones it, catholic priests cover it up.

      Mothers would like to see these bastards castrated and executed, in that order.

  3. Well, in all honesty, it is not just so much about the paedophilia as such, as more about the double standards of the Pakistanis. If British men were to groom Pakistani girls, the Pakistanis would positively freak out.
    Also, Pakistanis vote Labour, and it is the Labour controlled BBC where the British paedophiles are found, as well as other Liberal controlled spheres like the judiciary.

  4. In reply to most murderers being white it depends which country you’re on about. In America most murderers are black and most victims are also black. If you’re talking about the UK and averages more people per thousand are also black and more people per thousand who’re murdered are black than any other race so where have you got your information from to state more whites are murder’s? In relation to members of the armed force’s raping and murdering people it’s actually extremely rare for British soldiers to be involved where it’s a lot more common in the American military so i’ll ask again where you’re getting your proof from? It seems that your main reference is Islamic extremist material rather than impartial reports, even Al Jazera which i’m sure you know is a Muslim run news channel, you could even say it was bias towards muslims which it may be but it still rubbish’s your claims. In fact your statement sounds like one of the notorious speech’s by a certain egyptian hate cleric now happily deported to America that isn’t told what to do by Brussels, we’ve now just got to get rid of the Jordainan hate cleric that we’ve got to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds per year protecting because the British public won’t put up with being bullied by political correctness anymore. He also cost’s thousands in benefits too, if he wants to stay here and claim benefits the DWP should treat him in the same way they treat unemployed white claimants and that’s to force them to get a job or force them on work experience because ethnic minorites in the UK have been using their race/religion for far to long to avoid being treated the same while at the same time demanding equality in areas that would benefit them. You can’t pick and chose areas you want and then use the very same reason to avoid equality in areas you don’t want, make up your mind

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